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Posted by RommelS On October - 28 - 2013

AKB0048 NEXT STAGE Available on February 4th



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Posted by RommelS On September - 17 - 2013

HOUSTON, September 17, 2013 — As superhero films based on American comics sweep over the world, Switchblade Pictures returns the favor with Japan’s typically unique perspective on the concept:  IRON GIRL!  Based on the longstanding Japanese science fiction and anime philosophy that a few extra artificial enhancements can only make a super heroine even more attractive, IRON GIRL launches AV model, actress and ultimate hardbody Kiara Asuka (ULTRAMAN GINGA) into Power Ranger style combat against hordes of ruthless bandits terrorizing a mysterious post-apocalyptic world.  Adding extra feminine firepower to the mix is KAMEN RIDER franchise star (and METAL GEAR SOLID 3 poster girl) Rina Akiyama, who joins in the girls gone wild in the wastelands action, while complimentary eye candy for the ladies is provided by Yasuhisa Furuhara (PIRATE SQUADRON GOKAIGER, ENGINE SQUADRON GO-ONGER.)  Featuring fight choreography provided by stunt world legend Takanori Shibahara (DYNAMAN, the SPACE SHARIFF series, JUSPION, FLOWER & SNAKE,) the 92 minute film was directed by Masatoshi Yagamine from a screenplay by Yagamine and Yoshiyuki Ishizuka.


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Posted by RommelS On August - 7 - 2012

HOUSTON, August 7, 2012— Switchblade Pictures beckons you to take a voyage on the THE SLAVE SHIP, where you’ll cruise past any shade of grey straight into the ultimate darkness of the human soul!  Born from the pen of internationally acclaimed bondage novelist and screenwriter Oniroku Dan (FLOWER AND SNAKE, THE DEVIL’S FEAST,) THE SLAVE SHIP is notable for the many apparent parallels between the central character, a famed S&M novelist, and Dan himself, widely considered to be one the most influential authors in the history of erotica.  However, although Dan wrote over two hundred novels and dozens of screenplays over his long career, and was particularly noted for bringing unique Japanese forms of bondage to the attention of world popular culture, it is unknown as to exactly how much of the story is autobiographical.  Directed by co-screenwriter Satoshhi Kaneda, and featuring a cast of genre icons that includes Kyoko Aiyome (NEW TOKYO DECADENCE,) Nao Masaki (PINK LINK,) Mio Saegusa (MISS SPY,) Maki Tomada (PARADISE TV,) and Mutsuo Yoshioka (UNDERWATER LOVE,) the dark erotic thriller was distributed theatrically in Japan by Shintoho.


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HOUSTON, May 11, 2012— Switchblade Pictures has announced the newest addition to the company’s growing line of live action features: SULTRY ASSASSIN 2 – NINJA BRAINWASH.  The second in a new series of ero-ninja epics based on the novels by Junichi Yagami, SULTRY ASSASSIN 2  picks up where the previous installment, APHRODISIAC  KILL, left off  and is once again written and directed by Kenichi Fujiwara (ZOMBIE HUNTER RIKA, ZEROMAN R) and produced by the Take Shobo Company and Shintoho Pictures Co., Ltd.  Akiho Yoshizawa (MAIDROID 1 & 2, INVADER 33D) reprises the titular lead role, joined once again by WKA and WPKC world kickboxing champion Yoshihiro Sato, also the two-time winner of the Japanese national K-1 tournament (2006, 2007.)  Adding new faces to the spectacular selection of stunning physical specimens on display are a new duo of daring damsels in varying stages of distress and undress: exploitation star Shijimi (HELLDRIVER, MAIDROID 02,) and model/actress Yuzuka Kinoshita.


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HOUSTON, April 10thth,  2012 — Switchblade Pictures has tied up the rights to THE DEVIL’S FEAST, the suspense and shibari erotic thriller from the late, internationally acclaimed novelist and screenwriter Oniroku Dan (FLOWER AND SNAKE, ROPE HELL, LADY BLACK ROSE.)   Widely considered to be  Japan’s greatest master of dark erotica, Dan, who passed away in May of 2011, wrote over two hundred novels over his career, as well as the screenplays for many of Japan’s most successful and influential features, being especially known his popularization of the Japanese rope-bondage art of Shibari.  Directed by Kenji Hanyu from an adaption by Hiroshi Yoshino, THE DEVIL’S FEAST was distributed theatrically in Japan by Shintoho and stars Chihiro Koganezaki (CRUEL RESTAURANT,) Yuya Matsuura (ZOMBIE HUNTER RIKA,) Hitoshi Kajiki (RINKO 18) and famed AV model Arisa Matsumoto.  

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HOUSTON, March 2nd,  2012— Switchblade Pictures has announced the latest addition to the company’s expanding line of live action features: SULTRY ASSASSIN – THE APHRODISIAC KILL.  Based on the sizzling line of “eroninja” novels by Junichi Yagami, APHRODISIAC  KILL is the first film in a new series from writer/director Kenichi Fujiwara (Zombie Hunter Rika, Zeroman R and Grafreeter Toki.)  Produced by the Take Shobo Company and Shintoho Pictures Co., Ltd, the erotic action thriller stars Akiho Yoshizawa (Maidroid 1 & 2, Invader 33D) as the titular female ninja Rin, while exploitation stalwart Kesuke (Cruel Restaurant,) former U.S. adult film star Asami and new ero-horror star Rin Kawai round out the cast.

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