Founded in April 30, 2004, activeAnime has become one of the most trusted anime news sites in the world as it continues to work directly with American and Japanese companies. With extensive reviews covering anime, manga, soundtracks, and more, activeAnime has garnered praises from within industry and amongst fans, and has become one of  best review sites on the Internet.


Rommel Salandanan
Founder and Adminitrator
Rommel is not your typical anime fan as he enjoys anime for what it is and what is has. He has an active lifestyle outside the world of anime, and likes to follow the business aspect of the industry.


Holly Ellingwood
Head Columnist / Reviewer
Holly is a workaholic in need of an intervention, an intervention that will never occur if Active Anime has anything to say about it! She loves writing and has written on a number of subjects including criminal law, forensic psychology and even spent time writing for a French school journal once upon a time. Her interests are varied. She loves science fiction, can’t resist romantic comedies, and loves music from Bird’s fusion Jazz to The Fray’s alternate rock to The Weekender’s sugar punk sounds. She also loves Beethoven and Chopin, has an interest in history and world mythology, and loves what she does.


Staff Reviewers:

Davey C. Jones 
A person of mystery, would only say this when a bio was requested:  “I will neither admit nor deny any allegations.”

Sandra Scholes (U.K)
Sandra Scholes has been writing seriously for six years with anime and manga reviews for Active Anime, and has amassed a good amount of reviews for genres such as Fantasy, SF, Horror and Yaoi. Within this time she has continued writing, and honed her reviews every time so they are that bit better than before, so in a way, she has become more professional in her writing – six years doesn’t sound a lot, but it’s a great way of developing talent.

As a result of working for Active Anime, she also writes for other publications in a wide range of genres; Quailbell magazine, Fantasy Book Review, Love Romance Passion, Love Vampires, SF Site, The Chronicles, and Romance Review magazine.
Rachel Bentham
Margaret Viera


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