Posted On June - 22 - 2015

VAMPIRE KNIGHT FLEETING DREAMSFleeting Dreams is a collection of short stories based on the international hit manga Vampire Night. A total of six original stories featuring the characters and world of Vampire Knight evoke drama, bittersweet sentimentality, and even comedy.


Being what is referred to as a ‘lite’ novel, Fleeting Dreams is an easy read. The stories, written by Fujisaki, offer a diverse array of tales. My two favorite stories were the first and last. The first story is about Rido during his final moments. His reflection on his love for Juri is the main focus. It is a tale of compulsion, obsession and madness with an intriguing dose of humanity within Rido. My second favorite story is the last one “In a Thousand Years”. It offers a look at life at Cross Academy a year after the final battle in the manga finale. What the author gives is a sentimental and heartfelt look at the lives of several secondary characters in Vampire Knight. The tale also serves as a bridge between the final battle and the moment seen at the very end of the manga a thousand years later.


Although other stories were intriguing, such as Zero’s encounter with a vampire named Shien, not all stories are equal. The least favorite for me was the one involving a horse. I will not say more than that about the specifics regarding the story but it came across as too young a tale for this series. It lacked the more dramatic and Gothic atmosphere of Vampire Knight, but that is only my own opinion.


The book also has artwork by creator and mangaka Matsuri Hino, including a full color dual cover page in the front cover.



All original stories featuring the characters and world of Vampire Knight! The anthology has a story for every fan thanks to its diversity in tales.


  • Published By: VIZ Media
  • Author / Artist: Ayuna Fujisaki / Matsuri Hino
  • Format: Western / BW
  • Pages: 212
  • Rated: T+
  • Release Date: 12/02/2014
  • Reviewed By: Holly Ellingwood

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