Posted On June - 22 - 2015

METEOR PRINCE VOLUME 1Hako Natsuno, a high school student, is the queen of bad luck.  Buckets are always landing on her head, she’s tripping over the slightest uneven floor, falling off of cliffs, and causing anyone with her to experience her bad luck.  And this is just the beginning!


The only place she feels safe is with the Occult Club at school, where all the students belonging to that club have incredibly good luck.  Therefore, they can be around her with no consequence.  They have been trying to raise a demon for a while, but with no success.  This most recent time, however, seems to have worked!  It ends up, however, they redirected an alien from a warrior planet instead!


Io, the alien, thinks that Hako is his true match, and wishes to mate with her right away!  Her friends have other ideas.  The president of the Occult club gives Io his sister’s Shojo manga to give him an idea on how to woo Hako, while one of Hako’s tougher friends, Matchan, keeps a close eye on how Io treats her.


And Io treats her very well!  He also tries to protect her from her bad luck!  Throughout the manga, he tries to protect her, all the getting the hang of life on Earth.  This includes wearing clothes.  Apparently, they are a mystery to him, and his struggle with this is quite funny!


Io’s servant does show up to say that there was a mistake, but Io elects to stay.  He really wants to mate with Hako!


This Shojo is very good, in story and art.  The flow from page to page is pretty good as well.



Come and follow the adventures of a bad luck girl, and the alien who loves her!  Don’t miss the first volume of Meteor Prince!



  • Published By: VIZ Media
  • Author / Artist: Meca Tanaka
  • Format: Japanese / BW
  • Pages: 200
  • Rated: T
  • Release Date: 06/01/2015
  • Reviewed By: Margaret Veira


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