Posted On April - 27 - 2015

SERAPH OF THE END  VOLUME 3In a world where vampires rule and humanity lives while struggling under its heel, in one protected city an elite command squad ventures out to fight against the undead. Yu has at last made it into the famed squadron. He has acquired a deadly Cursed Gear. Now he and his new teammates will go on their first mission not realizing he is about to collide with his past.


This volume is a mix of action and flashbacks as it builds to the reunion between Mika and Yu. While creating suspense, the stories offer insights into the sharp tongued Mitsu. She is always annoyed by Yu and now readers learn why Yu grates on her nerves. Also more is seen about Mika and how he came under the thrall of the vampire queen as well as his struggle as a vampire. It may be his transition was not as full as first led to believed. With Mika’s story, readers also get a further glimpse into life for Mika and the nobles. There is a larger story there that the writer hints at that intrigues and teases.


The action was good and the look at life to those outside of the city is a grim reminder to Yu about his life that led to the massacre of his friends. The volume teases at the upcoming reunion between Mika and Yu, it does not occur yet but appears to be for the next volume. While it was disappointing to not have the reunion occur yet, it is interesting to see the squad cornered and learn that they are not some all-powerful group that can wipe out the enemy. Instead, the commando squad, while powerful, is at a distinct disadvantage in size – they are outnumbered – and in power – the undead have incredible regenerative abilities putting the humans at a grave disadvantage.



Yu and his team are deployed on their first mission, ignorant to the fact that Yu’s past is about to find them!


  • Published By: VIZ Media
  • Author / Artist: Takaya Kagami / Yamato Yamamoto
  • Format: Japanese / BW
  • Pages: 200
  • Rated: T+
  • Release Date: 12/02/2014
  • Reviewed By: Holly Ellingwood

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