Posted On April - 27 - 2015

KISS OF THE ROSE PRINCESSAnise is a girl with an interesting necklace given to her by her father who has since passed on. The choker came with a warning from him though: she must never, ever remove it. It gets her in trouble at the school which has strict dress codes but is more of a problem when a strange bat-like creature hits her one day and the choker mysteriously falls off. Now with four cards that can summon a knight to her aid with just a kiss, Anise must puzzle out her destiny and the strange men in her life.


The show is part mystery, part comedy and some drama with the romance. What draws the reader in are the likeability of the characters and the mystery of the choker and the knights. During this first volume, readers are introduced to each of the four young men now a part of Anise’s life. There is the brash Kaede and the two argue often. Then there’s Tenjo, handsome, making girls swoon and he is quite the player but has a curious quirk. The young looking Akagi fits the ‘pretty lolita’ boy stereotype often seen in shojou manga. To make the set complete is the dark and angst ridden Mutsuki.


The first part to this series spends time introducing each of the characters. In each chapter, Anise has a problem and sooner or later must kiss a card and summon a knight to help her. With each adventure, the reader learns more about Anise and more about the new men in her life. Along the way there are hints about the knights, the rose princess, and a prophecy, as well as how her powers and those of the men work. The first volume ends with her getting closer to the knights and a possible threat looming in the near future.


Aya Shouoto has a lush art style. It is rich and attractive. The confident lines allow for distinct character designs between the various personalities in the manga and gives a “make this into an anime” robustness.



A compelling new supernatural series with great art and a plucky heroine.


  • Published By: VIZ Media
  • Author / Artist: Aya Shouoto
  • Format: Japanese / BW
  • Pages: 200
  • Rated: T
  • Release Date: 11/04/2014
  • Reviewed By: Holly Ellingwood

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