Posted On April - 8 - 2015

WORLD TRIGGER VOLUME 3Earth is under attack from space monsters known as NEIGHBORS. This looks bleak for humanity, or it would if not for the efforts of the organization called BORDER, who use the invaders own technology to fight back and protect their world.


The protagonist Osamu Mikumo is a mild-mannered rookie agent with a strong sense of justice who’d rather just keep a low profile, but that won’t be easy when he encounters the bizzare humanoid NEIGHBOR named Yuma who has decided to help Osamu fight the invaders for his own mysterious reasons. Even worse still, Yuma has little idea on how to adjust to life on Earth, so guess who will have to teach him!


In this volume, Yuma’s Identity as a Neighbor as well as his carrying a black trigger have been revealed to BORDER. The various branches of BORDER each have their own plans for him. The TAMAKOMA branch wants to recruit and protect Yuma, Osamu and Chika but the rest of the HQ wants the black trigger for themselves and Yuma out of the picture, going so far as to send its three elite squads to take it and eliminate the friendly NEIGHBOR. This leads to a great deal of tension within BORDER. Further details about Yuma’s past from his world are revealed and more characters from the BORDER branches, particularly from the open-minded Tamakoma branch are introduced.


The tone in this volume is more suspenseful though relatively light-hearted and driven around character interaction. In particular Osamu and especially Chika’s personal growth and desire to take on more responsibility as well as Yuma’s development in understanding humanity is one of the favorable highlights at this point.



There is less action but more character dialogue and interaction in this volume that should keep fans of this series liking the protagonists and their friends more and more.


  • Published By: VIZ Media
  • Author / Artist: Kohske
  • Format: Japanese / BW
  • Pages: 192
  • Rated: T
  • Release Date: 12/02/2014
  • Reviewed By: David Cheng

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