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BLOOD C THE LAST DARKAfter the events from the Blood-C series, Saya swore that she’d hunt down and kill Fumito and that’s exactly what she does throughout this movie. The movie starts with Saya running into and saving Mana from one of Fumito’s monsters. Mana’s friends, assuming that Saya is also a friend of Mana, help her escape from Fumito’s forces and so Saya is introduced to Sirrut, a group of people who (indirectly) also want to stop Fumito.


Using the information obtained by Sirrut’s hackers, Saya slowly learns more about Fumito’s organization. Of course, she also runs into plenty of Fumito’s monsters and other forces, which leads to her displaying her awesome sword fighting skills. These fights are beautifully animated and Saya and the monsters look and act extremely powerful. While still being very bloody and violent, these fights are less gruesome than the ones featured in the series. This time around, there are no entrails all over the place, just a lot of blood.


While most of the battles in the movie are very well-executed, this can’t be said for the last two battles. In one of the two, Saya fights Fumito’s right hand man and when she’s almost beaten him, he turns himself into a monster. This would have been perfectly fine, if not for the fact that he suddenly starts attacking his own forces and Saya decides to simply leave and go find Fumito. He’s never heard from again, leaving a strange, easy to solve plot hole. The final battle has Saya fighting an enormous monster (Godzilla-sized), but while she has trouble fighting most monsters in the movie, she takes this one out with a single swing of her sword. As these two fights should have probably been the best ones of the movie, they felt underwhelming and very rushed.


The main downside of the movie, however, is that it assumes you’ve seen the series and doesn’t bother to explain anything about what happened before the movie starts, other than mentioning the massacre at the end of the series. The movie is watchable if you haven’t seen the series, but you’ll lose large chunks of the story. The most you’ll get is probably that Saya wants to kill Fumito because of the massacre, but that’s about it. And while the movie is good (far better than the series), it doesn’t warrant you sitting through the entire 12-episode series first.


On the other hand, the movie doesn’t have any of the happy-go-lucky Saya that wasted screen time in the series. This time, because she has a clear purpose, she’s serious all the time, which just works a lot better. This also means that she doesn’t so much switch to her killer nature, but that she just pushes her usual demeanor a bit further. This makes it more believable that she can fight the various monsters on a moments notice.


The animation in the movie is simply gorgeous. Locations are very detailed and the overall atmosphere of the scenes is just great. Character and monster designs are also nice and this time none of them feel out of place. If I’d have to point out something that wasn’t great, the only thing that comes to mind is that in one or two scenes the vehicles look at bit too smooth, and that some shots look like they’re taken directly from Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex (also by Production IG). The animation in and of itself makes this movie worth watching.


The soundtrack is also very nice and fits the movie perfectly. As a large part of the movie features Saya fighting various monsters and special forces, a lot of the music is fast-paced and dramatic-sounding. There are a few more emotional scenes and here there’s the usual softer, slower music. While not as great as the animation, the music works great and helps to create the atmosphere needed in the movie.



U.S. Crew and staff commentary, NoNeNoNe theater, promotional video, various trailers.



A good (gory) action movie with very detailed animation and a great supporting soundtrack. To follow the story entirely, you’ll have to have seen Blood-C, which isn’t exactly worth you’re trouble. If you don’t mind missing the reasons for Saya’s revenge-driven rampage, however, the animation and music alone make this movie worth your time.


  • Released By: Funimation Entertainment
  • Available on BLU-RAY + DVD Combo Pack
  • Running Time: 105 minutes
  • Rating: TV – MA
  • Release Date: 10/22/2013
  • Reviewed By: André Van Renssen

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