Internet Explorer Team partners with Production I.G to bring the an interactive, touch and immersive gameplay, Gargantia: Sky Courier, to the web.


The Internet Explorer team has partnered with Production I.G to bring the Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet series to the web, for the very first time!


Gargantia: Sky Courier is a free-to-play web game which allows fans to explore the gorgeous setting of the Gargantia fleet from the sky! Supervised by Kazuya Murata (Gargantia anime series director) with a story written by Taishirou Tanimura (Gargantia anime series scriptwriter), fans will get never-before-seen cut-scenes voiced by Gargantia’s original cast, and three different “choose your own adventure” endings in story mode or they can explore the beautiful world of Gargantia in free flight mode.


In Gargantia: Sky Courier, you play the main character Ledo as he flies in a surf kite around the Gargantia fleet and completes tasks given to him by his friends. While playing the game, you can experience the stunning graphics and hand drawn detail that characterizes Production I.G’s anime.


Built for touch and immersive gameplay, the game is best experienced on IE11, but will work across all modern browsers and with mouse and keyboard. Check out our blog post and YouTube video for more info on Sky Courier.


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