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Deadly assassin-turned-maid Roberta returns to the criminal’s paradise of Roanapur, dead set on revenge – no matter the cost. Against a backdrop of violent chaos, the smugglers of the Lagoon Company team up with Roberta’s employer to save her… or at least to stop her bloody rampage.


Contains the complete 1-5 OVA episodes.


At last the remaining arc of Black Lagoon has come to the screen. The OVA series follows the story of Roberta, a military soldier and killer turned maid to a prominent family. When her master is killed, she leaves his beloved son, her beloved charge, to find the assassins and make them pay. It’s a mission of vengeance pure and simple, but when revenge take her to Roanapur and the assassins are none other than the US military – things take a deadly turn and the collateral damage will be massive.


The Roberta Blood Trail arc was one of my favorites from the Black Lagoon manga. The five episodes do a comparable job of adapting it to deliver a powerful story Black Lagoon style.  While the focus is on Roberta, the Black Lagoon team and their shot at stopping her create a fascinating arc focusing on Rock. He may have finally been corrupted by his life with the Black Lagoon team and the crimes that run rampant in Roanapur. At least that’s what Revy worries about. It makes for an intriguing side plot on how much Revy may care for Rock and the effect of the seediness and cheap cost of live around Rock is having on his mental state.


The climax to the series was especially well done. My only criticism is that I found the sequence of when Roberta goes up against the military for the first blow to be too short and the sequence of Roberta’s mental state and hallucinations go on too long. It could be that I may be a more action oriented type of viewer or that I found the sequence of Roberta’s descent into madness not as effective as it could be. Nevertheless, the criticism is minor compared to the strength of the overall story.


The animation is done by Madhouse (Chobits, Trigun, Claymore) which is the same studio that did the two TV series so the animation stays true to form. The violence and graphic scenes are many and to call them graphic is a mild word for some of the violent content contained in this OVA set. The studio does an excellent job of capturing the illustrative designs of the original manga and bringing the characters and action to murderous life on screen.


Bonus features include clean ending animation, US trailer, and trailers of other anime titles.


The arc of Roberta’s vengeful trail comes to bloody life (and many deaths) in the anime adaptation of Black Lagoon.

  • Released By: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Available on BLU-RAY + DVD Combo Pack
  • Running Time: 125 minutes
  • Rating: TV – MA
  • Release Date: 08/06/2013
  • Reviewed By: Holly Ellingwood

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