Posted On January - 17 - 2010
  PAGES:   210
  RATING:   T+
  RELEASE DATE:   01/19/2010
  REVIEW DATE:   01/17/2010

Five intertwined stories reveal the hardships, loves, loses, and insight are found in this anthology of what it’s like to be a daughter, a mother, and a woman.

The series of moving tales begins with Yukiko, an adult who lives with her frank spoken mother. They have a unique and binding friendship but it is one that is put to the test after her mother survives cancer and then becomes involved with a young and beautiful man Yukiko’s age. She is sure her mother is being conned by this aspiring actor and Yukiko does her best to find out about him. But he is likeable, kind, and Yukiko feel shut out of a larger part of her mother’s life. The adjustment proves to be a set of bittersweet growing pains for Yukiko as she realizes it may be time to move on, but not necessarily meaning that she has to let go.

The next story involves a friend of Yukiko’s. He’s a kind professor who has trouble saying no when an introverted girl forces herself on him after class. It begins a strange almost one-sided relationship. When he tries to evolve it into something more, it finds surprising results and a learning experience for him.

The most compelling tale personally was that of Sayako. She is a kind and soft spoken woman that is having trouble finding a man she can love. She relents to using a matchmaking service with curious results. It is only when she meets a wounded man with a gentle heart that she falls but with a surprising outcome.  She was taught at a young age not to ever discriminate, but the epiphany she has is that love itself means having to discriminate and she doesn’t want to do that. It was an intriguing tale and a curious examination of the complexities of the human heart.

When Yukiko and Jun return from their honeymoon, they have a hard time finding time for each other with work schedules and life obligations. Meanwhile a friend of hers from way back in school reflects on what their childhood dreams were between the three girlhood classmates and how life has turned their dreams into something quite different. Disappointments, compromises, and adapting are all part of growing up and real life.

The final tale sees things coming full circle when a funeral has Yukiko’s mother Mari reflect on her own relationship with her mother and why she became such a frank speaking parent. It also reveals why the young man with her is so good for her and Yukiko learns a great deal more about her mother, and about how love can grow through understanding. 

Five moving tales of the relationships of mothers, daughters, and the love that exists between them.

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