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  RATING:   TV 14
  RELEASE DATE:   09/01/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   12/19/2009

After years of sponging off a fabulously wealthy older woman, four ridiculously beautiful boys are confronted with the most horrifying challenge ever: use their bishi skills to turn their benefactor's socially challenged niece into a beautiful young lady or start paying rent! And this isn't just any ugly duckling they're facing; she's a psycho, paranoid, neurotic horror movie obsessed goth chick with a fetish for anatomical dummies, bad skin and a total ignorance of all things feminine! (And those are her better points!)

But hey, rent's expensive and job openings for pretty boys are scarce, so our poor heroes are going to have to suck it up and attempt the ultimate combined exorcism/spa/makeover from hell!

This highly off the wall anime adaptation of the ongoing manga series by Tomoko Hayakawa is a side-splitting twist on the ageless Pygmalion/My Fair Lady story.

Sunako is a Goth girl that everyone fears and with good reason. She emits an evil aura, has anatomic dolls and skeletons as her friends and scares everyone away. But when four lovely boys with good looks and little cash are given the choice to be kicked out on the street or to continue living the life of luxury that they have become accustomed, they take the life of luxury. The price is that they have to transform the landlady’s niece into a proper young lady. The problem is that the niece is Sunako!

Hilarity starts and it never stops in this show. The four guys go to one crazy extreme after another to try to change Sunako into the girl her aunt wants, all so that they can get their free rent. Things quickly don’t turn out the way anyone expects. As time goes on, and one wacky adventure follows another, the show proves that there is always more to a book than its cover and it could never be truer than with this lot. In between the comedy which includes a buccaneer tale, various kidnapping stories, a murder!, Halloween chills, a haunted house, Valentine day nightmares, and kooky match ups, the story also has heart. Over the course of the series the odd group becomes a sort of family. They end up understanding Sunako better and she them and they all grow closer, particularly Sunako and the beautiful Kyohei. These two fight like cats and dogs yet they seem to understand each other and are there for each other more than the rest. Are there sparks? Absolutely. Will these two ever buy a clue? That’s another story.

The series ends with the ultimate of hilarious shenanigans with Kyohei being kidnapped as a sacrifice for the good of the shopping street, Sunako being kidnapped by a family, and then a blow out between Sunako and Kyohei that has Kyohei running away from home and joining a biker gang! The final episode has Auntie returning to see how successful the boys have been and if they didn’t do their job then they are out on the curb!

The show is so funny that you’ll be sore from laughing. It has crazy sidelines with their “Road to Womanhood” moments that are comic sequels that spoof the ideals of femininity. One episode takes a satire on it by doing the “Road to Super Bad Dudedum” when one of the pretty boys tries to get his bad boy groove on. There are also love stories involving the other three guys to various extents and usually high humor with touching moments.

The animation is one of a kind. It manages to capture the unique style of the manga to perfection. Sunako is often shown in chibi form except in dramatic or romantic moments when she seen normal figured. There are creepy auras and every trip to her room is a scream. When the boys appear, an angelic score cues and bright aura ensues to show them as ‘creatures of light’ that overwhelm the dark Sunako time and again. 

Bonus features include trailers along with clean opening and ending animation.

The  Wallflower is a one of a kind Goth comedy that will delight fans of Excel Saga, Pushing Daisies, and Wonderfalls.

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