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ENGLISH DD 5.1 / 2.0 & JAPANESE DD 2.0

  RELEASE DATE:   09/09/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   11/03/2009


The second Bleach film is a riveting experience that not only gives fans more of their favorite Soul Reapers in action, but also background on a fan favorite captain of the Soul Reapers – the furious fighter Toshiro Hitsugaya.

It opens on a fantastical scene of a temple being transported on a cloud complete with song and dancers. It is the Ouin, an artifact that not even the most revered and eldest of Soul Reapers know how to master. Its location has been guarded for centuries, constantly changing its hiding place at random. During its latest journey, it is attacked along with the Soul Reapers guarding it. A strange masked fighter engages Toshiro and when the assailant flees, Toshiro chases after him, knowing he is breaking his sacred duty to stay and guard the Ouin. Heedless of his first lieutenant’s warnings, he ignores Rangiku’s cries and disappears as does the Ouin…

The Soul Society is not so understanding of Toshiro’s perceived transgression. They send the Stealth Force after him, not realizing that the wounded captain has fallen into the hands of substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo. He takes care of the comrade only to have to chase him down when Toshiro leaves without explanation. They are attacked by two strange women with phenomenal powers. To combat them, Ichigo transforms, but is thwarted by none other than Toshiro himself! Before he can get answers, Toshiro has escaped with the enemy. Now his trespass has become a crime earning him an immediate order of execution! The entire Soul Reaper society has been unleashed with orders to retrieve the Ouin and kill Toshiro!

It is a very fast paced and exciting theatrical event. The new enemies and different powers are visually stunning as was the exceptional opening sequence. The back story and driving force to Toshiro’s personal challenge and its emotional toll is involving and intriguing. There are dramatic battles during the climax of the film and they involve a variety of the Soul Reaper captains for arresting action sequences the build to a dramatic finale. Viewers should make sure to wait until the end of the credits for a beautifully animated scene between Toshiro and Rangiku.

The movie comes as a two disc set with a slip on cover. It includes an English rendition of the original Japanese theatrical program that was with the Japanese release of the film. It holds full color art, Japanese credits in English, glossary of terms, interviews with Romi Park (Toshiro Hitsugaya), Akira Ishida (Sojiro Kusaka), Michiko Yokote (Screenwriter), comments and original art work by original manga creator Tite Kubo, comments from rock group Sambomaster and lyrics to their Bleach Movie 2 theme song “Hikari no Rock.”

The second disc has several bonus features including a production art gallery, Japanese theatrical trailers, and original Japanese production featurettes. The featurettes are in several parts that contain an inside look at the making of Bleach the second movie at Studio Pierrot with the character designer Masashi Kudoh; a look in the T2 Studio at photography and FX; inside Studio Wyeth for background artist work; score composition with Shirou Sagisu; and an interview with Sambomaster, the group that sings the ending theme song “Hikari no Rock”.

The second movie is more action packed and just as visually arresting as the first.

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