Posted On September - 10 - 2009


  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   08/11/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   09/10/2009

Get ready for a boy with a destiny and the ninja vixens that serve his every need – or at least they’d like to! Raizo is a destitute fella with a horn that makes him shunned by humankind. With a rundown home after a massacre left him an orphan, he tries to make due and puts up with the loneliness and hunger as best he can. Then one lucky day he finds a beautiful girl washed up on the river bank. He tends to her and finds out she’s a shinobi looking for a certain boy with one horn. Gosh, what’s a guy to do? Not what Raizo does. He wants to avoid any bad reaction from the girl so hides his horn from her. But when the bad girl and her league of ninjas come a knockin’ to take Raizo out, the ninja girl Kagari shows just what she’s made of!

It turns out that Raizo is the sole surviving and illegitimate heir to the great feudal throne of the Katana family. Bad news for him is that the scary Lord Kabuki Seigan wants him dead and has his own bevy of deadly beauties to do his bidding. The good news for Raizo is that he has his own small and growing den of beautiful ninja maidens. There’s Kagari, as enthusiastic as she can be deadly, the at times scary sniper kunoichi Kisarabi who takes her work far too seriously, and then there’s Himemaru who has a secret. While Raizo attempts  to adjust to his new life on the run from evil ninja babes while fighting off seductions from his own beautiful servants, he also has to stay calm during the girls’ attempts to plan the “restoration of his family name.” One thinks building a castle in three days will do it, another suggests he go out and find a princess to secure fortune and land, while a third has a very unique idea to secure his power and meanwhile that shinobi should marry him. So when the girls aren’t fighting the assassins, they’re fighting each other for Raizo!

This is great Girls Bravo style fun with a more sinister side to it. By the end of the manga the villain appears and he’s decided he wants at least one of Raizo’s beauties to add to his own collection of deadly ninja vixens! Pure hearted Raizo is going to have a hard time keeping himself alive and those girls of his out of trouble!

There is a sweet share of fan service combined with super cool uber-ninja battles. I love how Kagari looks powered up.  The art is voluptuous and a lot of that has to do with how well those ladies are drawn. It gives fan service and action with some nice moves of those ninja babes.

The manga also has a slice of comedy with the girls battling each other, Raizo’s innocent reactions, and the mortuary tablet he carries with him of his late mother. Seems she still has some kick to her because the tablet will move, beam, or write stuff in the sand to let her son know how she feels about what is going on and with whom!

Plus the manga has translation notes and comic panels.

Ninja Girls is ninja babe madness a la Girls Bravo! Wicked sinful fun!

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