RATING:   15
  RELEASE DATE:   07/13/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   07/02/2009

A school has ghost activity so the Shibuya Psychic Research Team whose leader is Kazuya Shibuya are sure they can investigate and at the school where the problem is, but with the teachers objecting to them being hired and the students telling of their recent horrors it seems the pupils just might be at fault for some of the activity.

Mai dreams of a boy who killed himself at the school, but who says things to her that alert suspicion of him once Mai tells her team mates. The research team have to find out more about the school to gain more of an understanding of what they will be dealing with and they wonder if they are ready for what they might encounter. From fires in locker rooms, the sight of ghost children outside a room and a huge black spectral hound that just keeps getting bigger, they are becoming closer to the source of the haunting as terrible as it may be. The papers that have been passed around the school are said to be a harmless form of the popular Ouija Boarding but this one has a more serious side to it as they soon find out they are curse papers, and once someone’s name is on them it ends in only one thing, a death sentence.

This series will grip the interest of viewers right from the opening sequence worthy of either The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits taking the eyes down daunting corridors and through ghostly imagery designed to give a creepy effect. It is a series comprised of stories and on this two disc set are three very different tales of intrigue and ghostly haunting, the first being an introduction to the various characters of the Shibuya team.

Naru the Psychic Researcher played by Todd Habercorn of XXX-holic fame is the one they turn to for advice and leadership, Lin the Chinese spiritualist and medium who was sent to protect Naru, Monk a spiritualist and exorcist, Mai an invaluable member of the team who has vivid and prophetic dreams that help the team when they sometimes have no clue about the case, John Brown a Catholic exorcist who occasionally aids them with their cases, Masako a famous TV personality and medium is always at odds with Mai to varying humorous degrees and Ayako a Shinto shamaness who the team think might be dubious about her true powers. Anyone who is a fan of the strange and atmospheric will love this as it keeps the attention and knows how to shock.

Ghost Hunt manga pages presented by Del Rey Manga, Character Case Files, Ghost Sightings gallery and Trailers for other anime series make this a very desirable watch indeed.

Ghost Hunt is excellent – it has the feel of a well – known supernatural TV series with its roots deep in Japanese mythology and history – it is a deep and interesting story that goes into the dark study of the occult designed to captivate the viewers.

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