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  PAGES:   190
  RELEASE DATE:   07/07/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   07/02/2009

In the conclusion of the romantic dramedy, Suzuka and Megumi travel to China in order to find the Dragon God’s lost jewel. If they find it the dragon will break the curse on Megumi’s family, leaving him free to love Suzuka without the compulsion to be her slave. But as the finale shows, all the good intentions in the world will not be able to prepare the couple for the dangers and final challenge that lies ahead.

The closer they get to where they think the jewel might be, the closer threatening forces lurk. In an attempt to visit her adoptive mother, Suzuka is attacked. Megumi and Suzuka have to deal with stolen luggage, sheer cliffs and landslides, and most menacing – a village filled with people who have one goal on their mind which is to kidnap Suzuka!

It turns out that Megumi’s family isn’t the only one that has been cursed by the Dragon God. They find out that a village dealing with a peculiar consequence for separating the Dragon God and his true love (who happens to be Suzuka’s ancestor), now wish to use Suzuka to get revenge on the Dragon God. They hunt her, capture her, but upon hearing their story, Suzuka only feels compassion for them. Meanwhile Megumi meets a girl who looks a great deal like Suzuka and has ties to the legend that created the present situation…

Soon it is a race to find the dragon’s jewel. Megumi and Suzuka must find it before the vengeful villagers do if they hope to break the curse. An act of violence results in the unthinkable. As the young lovers are parted, perhaps eternally, the wrath of the Dragon God is fully wakened.  Can their love appease the wrath of both a god and a village bearing a hundred year old grudge, let alone conquer death? The ending will answer all.

Captive Hearts is a delightful romantic comedy, at times surprisingly dramatic, but always heartwarming and effusive. A bonus short story in included in the final volume. It tells of a young teacher who has a new student, the very same girl he fell in love with as a tutor. Now that he’s her teacher, he refuses to give in to those feelings, yet the determined girl wants to know the meaning behind that kiss he gave her a year ago. It is a funny and sweet romance. Particularly amusing were the declarations each of them makes at separate times using the chalkboard. Also the manga has some bonus comic shorts featuring the main characters of Captive Hearts.

All roads lead to danger and romance in the final volume of Captive Hearts.

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