Posted On June - 9 - 2009


  PAGES:   224
  RATING:   T+
  RELEASE DATE:   06/09/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   06/09/2009

The identity stealing thief and wannabe makeup artist and SFX specialist Kagase is in big trouble. Before he can conclude his ‘challenge’ with Kohei, the loan sharks (read: Yakuza) he owes big bucks to, nab him and put the screws to him. Kohei, god bless him, intervenes to save the sad sack of a guy. But he might not live to regret it! The challenge is back on but this time it’s the mob that will be the judge. And if Kagase can’t prove that he has real talent, then it will be Kohei who owes the mob big bucks too and likely an arm and both his legs – yikes!

That gets concluded by the skin of its teeth and Kohei barely has a chance to breathe before the biggest challenge of his life begins! The prestigious Japanese SFX makeup competition is about to start. At first Kohei refuses to participate. After, a harrowing and ultimately soul feeding and life changing experience on the set of a tyrannical director filming and low budget indie film changes Kohei’s mind. But this isn’t any regular straight up competition which Kohei is about to find out.

He enters to show his mentor J.T. that he has become a makeup artist his mentor can be proud of and so that his MIA mentor will hopefully see him. Thousands show up to compete. Some for fame, some for many, and some for personal reasons that we learn about along the way. When Kohei discovers that only the contestants of the affiliated school to the industry holding the contest win every year, he decides he has to compete and do his best no matter what. But the obstacles that chairman and founder Akutsu has in store for the talented genius are some of the nastiest tricks ever and they just get dirtier and more underhanded as they go along!

First, the Akutsu students grab most of the water and something happens to the oven of the non-Akutsu competitors. It doesn’t take long for them to rally behind Kohei when he comes up with one madcap way to fix their problems time after time. Will it be enough? Bribed judges, sabotage around every corner, and competitive rivals are all there trying to bring Kohei down along with some of the do-good contestants that deserve their chance to compete and maybe win. Kohei uses his quick wits to make the judges justify their decisions and take a real look at the non-Akutsu efforts. It leads to a shocking discovery and the results of the pre-qualification round are yet to be heard. Leave it to Kohei to give hope to the underdog and maybe manage to get to be a real contender in the process.

One rival gets what’s coming to him, but a whole new competition and dangers begin when Kohei enters the Japanese SFX competition and it’s winner takes all – at any cost! Watch the MacGyver of SFX Japan do his magic again! It’s a slick manga that keeps the action hoppin’ and the mysteries boppin’!

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