Posted On May - 31 - 2009


  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   06/02/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   05/31/2009

Ichigo and his fellow Soul Reapers on Earth prepare to for the upcoming battle against the Arrancars. But the war has already found them! Deep in a fight for their lives against several of the Arrancars most psychotic and deadly, the Soul Reapers have to pull out all the stops just to keep their heads! Even Ichigo is put to task against the most psycho of them all – Grimmjow! The dude loses an arm and he’s still big trouble for Ichigo. Ichigo gets pinned and Rukia tries to save him but they have their backs against the wall and it’s not looking good for them or humanity or the Soul Society in the latest volume of Bleach!

It’s a nerve wracking volume boys and girls. It’s not only the Soul Reapers in the world of the living who are in danger. Orihime is leaving the Soul Society to try to get back to her friends when the Arrancars attack. They have one goal and one goal only – sweet Orihime! She’s given an offer that, Orihime being Orihime, she can’t refuse. Now she’s in the clutches of those vile Arrancars and things only get worse from there!

When Ichigo revives from his big, bad wounds, he finds out she‘s missing and that Orihime has been branded a traitor! Well, Ichigo isn’t the cool dude that he is because he lets his friends stay in danger. Uh uh, Ichigo defies the orders of the Soul Society and braves going to the heart of Aizen’s territory in order to get Orihime back. For the journey that he intends to go on alone, he gets saddled with two people who won’t take no for an answer – Chad and the re-empowered Uryu! The gang’s back together and the trio already lock horns and hit the ground running to get to Hueco Mundo.  They aren’t there for more than two minutes before they’re fighting two big and mighty Arrancars in a tightly enclosed space.

Everyone’s walking a razor’s edge in this volume. Ichigo learns and suffers something mighty at the hands of Grimmjow. Just what will it mean for a new power he’s gaining has yet to be fully realized. But we do learn something mighty fascinating about the heart of Orihime’s powers. It just may be that she’s the most powerful of anybody anywhere and no one knew it…except maybe Aizen. It’s not looking good for the kind girl with the heart of gold. Hurry Ichigo and save her before it’s too late!

The war has begun and Ichigo risks it all to save Orihime! Bleach is the most action-tastic manga series ever!

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