Posted On April - 12 - 2009
  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   04/22/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   04/09/2009

For all the fans that have been pining away for more Princess Princess fun, here’s a special one shot introducing the next generation of princesses in Princess Princess Plus!

The new book marking the debut of DMP’s new Doki Doki manga line is a sure fire hit! Mikiyo Tsuda’s brilliantly funny and perverse sense of humor also manages to always blend in that special thread of drama that keeps readers hooked. As a new year at Fujimori Academy begins, two new princesses are chosen.  For those of you unfamiliar with Pri Pri, as it is colloquially referred to, the all boys’ school has found a rather unique solution to diffuse all the pent up energy and hormones a school full of boys overflows with – they have designated princesses. These “princesses” are chosen from among the prettiest boys in the school who don dresses and wigs to cheer on teams, and lift school spirit and moral while also providing an outlet for the boys to admire and focus their extra energies on. In exchange these “princesses” are given special privileges and even extra money that helps with their school costs immensely. It can be hard, but for this year’s new chosen ones – the rich and easy going Izumi and the uptight and anti-social Matsuoka, they will have to contend with more than just the pressures of being princesses, they have to overcome the challenge of being complete opposites that have to work together!

They readily accept their new positions as princesses, but working together is another problem entirely. Izumi wants to be friends with Matsuoka so badly that he goes about it all wrong, including showing up unannounced at Matsuoka’s home. It sets the uptight boy on fire until he completely spurns Izumi’s many overtures, causing a rift in their princess performances. The former princesses, Kouno, Shihoudani, and Yutaka are there to not only help train the new boys on how to be royal idols of the school, but also decide to meddle when they notice the problems the two boys are having with each other. Some well intended advice from them seems to assist the two boys in trying to come to an understanding, but the polar extremes in their circumstances can only be born for so long. When Izumi’s gift giving and cloying affection drives Matsuoka through the roof, he says some regrettably harsh things to Izumi, just before the rich boy gets kidnapped and Matsuoka is taken hostage right along with him! That’s when Matsuoka’s eyes are opened to the fact that maybe Izumi’s life isn’t as enviable or as easy as he assumed. Now can he survive their dangerous situation so that he can apologize to Izumi?

A touch of danger, some well placed drama, and more of that zany comedy Pri Pri fans love are in this special PLUS manga. The story is full of Mikiyo Tsuda’s unique high energy and outrageous situations for all kinds of comedic fun. Along with her usual striking art style, fans will again be taken in by the attractive characters, striking eyes, and gender-bending comedy as the boys wear one set of outrageous costumes after another. 

The manga boasts many extras including the author discussing voice auditions, writing the Plus manga, and the live action series coming out based on her Princess Princess series. To date the manga series has inspired an anime, a drama CD and now a live action show. The book also has some bonus comic theatre and extra stories for fans to enjoy.

Princess Princess Plus along with Train Train by Eiki Eiki are the two debut titles in DMP’s new Doki Doki Book line. To commemorate their debut, there is a special code in the books that are good for a one-time registration promotional item on the site which include such coveted treasures as full-sized artist page prints drawn and signed by Mikiyo Tsuda!

The new Doki Doki Book line makes a glorious debut with the energetic comedy Princess Princess Plus from renowned mangaka Mikiyo Tsuda (Day of Revolution, Family Complex, Princess Princess).

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