Posted On April - 2 - 2009
  PAGES:   180
  RELEASE DATE:   02/11/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   04/02/2009

Pure Heart is a tale of unrequited love, where pure desire meets undeniable lust and true love longs to prevail. It’s the first half of a two part series from the creator of Sunflower, and Lover’s Flat. Be prepared to swoon for Pure Heart!

Freelance writer Tozaki is a shy guy. When he is reunited during a business project with his first love, the athletic and handsome Kurata, he doesn’t know what to do. He never confessed his feelings then and certainly doesn’t plan to now that they are both adults and well past those innocent high school years. But when Kurata confronts him about it and lures him into bed, Kurata is beside himself. Is it just a one night stand? An experiment for Kurata? Or is there something more? The challenge will be to reach the hearts hidden in the drama in this titillating romantic tale!

Sexy, heart tugging and more, Pure Heart is sure to pull at the heart strings of any yaoi fan who is a sucker for pure romance. Kurata continues his seductive attack on Tozaki, showing up at odd hours to take him. Yet no words of love are given and Kurata seems to be angling for something. He’s not quite taunting Tozaki so much as trying to push him into a confession. Could the direct and aggressive Kurata be trying to force himself past the walls of timidity that Tozaki has around his heart? He himself doesn’t seem to know what he wants. Meanwhile poor Tozaki suffers under a relationship that doesn’t seem to have any affection or love in it.

When Tozaki’s ex-lover and current boss enters the picture, it sets a ragged Kurata over the edge. He explodes with jealousy and doesn’t understand why.  He wants to rip away the shyness that hides Tozaki’s heart and hear the words he feels in Tozaki’s gaze. But he’s going about in an awkward and rough way that is sure to fail. When the baiting of Tozaki’s boss is nearly enough to drive Kurata over the edge, unbeknownst to him, a new rival for Tozaki’s affections appears. The handsome yet dark where Kurata is light, Yoshioka is a man who knew Tozaki in college and admits to Tozaki that he fell in love with him at first sight! Now Tozaki has to deal with a new business project with a man determined to win him away from Kurata no matter what!

Rivals, love in the air, hearts on fire, I can hardly wait until volume 2! I love the expressive style to the faces of the different characters in this manga. It has very emotive faces and postures to the characters. Plus there is a bonus story showing how Kurata first noticed Tozaki in high school and became secretly obsessed with the bookish student.

Pure hearts and torrid romances ignite in this new romance!

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