Posted On January - 11 - 2009


  PAGES:   192
  RELEASE DATE:   12/02/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   01/11/2009

White Brand is an anthology that plunges into different stories of desire, inner fears, and hidden passions! It begins with two childhood friends separated after a tragedy tore their bond asunder. Years later they are reunited at a new school and things are far from normal.  Wanting to know why he was shunned and rejected, he goes to confront his old friend only to find out just what a bizarre phobia the tragedy left his beloved friend with! This is one odd little story that has one guy helping reach out to the other to overcome fears and the past in order to embrace the future and the young man he loves!

That’s just the first out of a group of stories. All of them are very different. Keith, the apprentice to a fine and upstanding Japanese artisan, can’t seem to fit in, no matter how hard this foreigner tries. The son of his mentor feels similarly and longs for Keith’s supple hands and his heart! But can these two deal with the cultural differences and the threat of long distance in their fresh love life? Next up is the story about a selfish actor who takes in his sister’s kid to learn how to land the gig of a woman wanting children. His two gay roommates have to set him and the upstanding path of maturity when his behavior with the kid turns outright abusive! I have to say, the other stories were fine but this one never drew me in. In fact it turned me off. The main character wasn’t sympathetic at all. He was deplorable.  His roomies should have kicked his selfish and abusive rear to the curb!

There’s a weird and funny story about a short guy who likes big things. When a super tall model moves in next door, he can’t help himself in trying to seduce the man of his dreams! But my favorite story was the one about an upcoming painting exhibit, a handsome and mysterious drifter, and a lonely rich heir in danger. This story had mystery, suspense, and action. There was even a bit of crime drama! It was cool and I liked the mystique around the dark lover.

The anthology is from Youka Nitta (Casino Lily) who is one of the most well known and loved fan favorite mangakas in yaoi. Curiously this manga isn’t anywhere near as racy as some of her well known sexy series. There are some interesting stories in White Brand and the variety of them is neat. It will be a must-have for Nitta fans.

White Brand is a diverse range of stories from the internationally renowned mangaka Youka Nitta!

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