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  RATING:   TV 13
  RELEASE DATE:   12/09/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   01/11/2009

An archeologist from another world has discovered 21 magical jewels that have the power to grant anyone their heart’s desire. However, without the proper focus, these jewels could also bring about some very destructive forces. Due to an accident, the jewels have been scattered and it’s up to one young fledgling mage and her familiar to recollect these jewels before someone gets hurt. To make matters worse, an unknown magical girl appears to collect the stones for her own mysterious purposes…

Contains the complete 13 episode series on 3 discs in one box set!

It’s sugar and sweetness and so much more in Lyrical Nanoha! First I thought the boss man was giving me hard times, making me of all people watch a magical girl anime. But bowl me over and bring me shojo goodness because within a New York minute I was down with this anime! It has a glossy look and the story will get to you like you wouldn’t believe. Expect to get sucked into the pink fluffy and surprisingly dramatic goodness of Nanoha!

The anime is a spin-off of Triangle Heart and you don’t have to know a thing about Triangle Heart to appreciate Nanoha. She’s a girl who was a nobody in a family of somebodies until the day ‘he’ arrived. Sure he may have been a pretty boy archeologist in another dimension, but he enters Nanoha’s life as a cute and cuddly ferret intent on guiding her, the girl who accidently heard his call and got the heart jewel that will help them save the world, and just maybe, the universe!

Like Cardcaptor Sakura and Negima, this is a show that has comedy, magical action, intrigue and a huge amount of heart. Nanoha goes up against people affected by the jewel seeds. It brings out the worst in them, taking their greed and jealousy and turning them into monsters. At first Nanoha helps simply because it’s the right thing to do. But when she sees the suffering the seeds cause, it gets personal. It gets a heck of a lot more personal when she runs up against a rival magical girl. Fate is mysterious, dresses kind of Goth-lite, and has the wicked familiar Aruf (tiger girl) to help her get the seeds before Nanoha does. But Nanoha, the girl with a heart of gold, sees the pain the sad evil girl is in. She may not be so evil after all, so why is she doing the wrong thing? Nanoha intends to get to the bottom of it! Too bad the big bad Space-Time Administration Bureau had to come along and mess up her heart-to-heart with Fate.

The bureau is pretty bossy. Wimpy guy with the crush on Nanoha, Chrono the mage, gives Nanoha the low down on the real danger. He’s with the Time-Space Administration and tells her the jewels aren’t only needed to save Earth. If they don’t stop them from falling into the hands of the madwoman Precia, a dimensional rift will destroy all the worlds, all the universes in all dimensions, starting with Nanoha’s!

The show builds up to an intense double climax. The first is the big reveal about Fate.
Holy heartbreak magical girl fans! Harsh fate for Fate. Can lovely and sweet Nanoha reach Fate’s heart in time to save her from the evil destiny her cruel and psychotically insane mother has planed? The second is the big battle on Precia’s ship. She’s got her ultimate weapon of massive dimensional destruction up and running and time is running out for our young heroine to save the day, the world, and all the universes in time and space!

Phew! That’s heck of a lot on one girl’s shoulders, even a magical one!

The first season is awesome! It kicks magical butt! The drama! The adventure! Cardcaptor fans will love this! Ditto for Negima fans. The anime was even directed by Akiyuki Shinbo who did Negima. There’s lots of magic, action and heart along with the drama that Negima fans will go for. The anime looks super. Lovin’ the character designs. The spells are given CG shiny effects that makes them look extra spiffy and, well, magical. Even the songs have heart to them and are ultra cool.  I can’t get enough of the opening song “Innocent Starter”. I’m still diggin’ it.

Extra goodies include clean opening and closing animation, reversible cover art, trailers of other anime series, and inserts in each of the three DVD cases. The box that holds the discs is cool looking with an image of Nanoha on one side and one of Fate on the other.

Another Geneon title released a la FUNimation, Lyrical Nanoha is a magical girl fantasy adventure with bold heart and sentimental allure! Fans of Cardcaptor Sakura and Negima will flock to this well deserving anime! Heartwarming, it’s an anime Disney fans can cheer for!

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