Posted On January - 3 - 2009
  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   01/06/2009
  REVIEW DATE:   01/03/2009

For those who love angst-laced romantic supernatural tales such as Vampire Knight, Heaven’s Will is a complete all in one manga story about a girl who can see the dead and the unusual young man who can help her.

Mikuzu has always been tormented by what she sees – ghosts. The apparitions are real, but no one else can see them. She has grown up easily afraid of everything she doesn’t understand whether it be ghosts or guys. She runs away time after time she is overwhelmed and easily so. Then one day a beautiful girl saves her from a spirit. Mikuzu quickly finds out her savior is a guy, not a girl, who loves to cross-dress. Accompanied by a handsome yet surly companion, they exorcise spirits – for a price. It turns out that the price is cake, something the poor Mikuzu can handle. But can she deal with the reality of working alongside a cross-dressing exorcist with a rampant sweet tooth and his vampire companion on a daily basis?

The story has off the all comedy mixed in with the supernatural angst of the story. Seto is a strange guy. Not because of the cross-dressing, although that certainly sets him apart, but his behavior and willingness to work for only cake, plus his vampire companion, are definitely unusual.  His constant cross-dressing helps put Mikuzu’s fear of boys at ease as she often forgets the beautiful girl next to her is really a ‘he’. Through their budding relationship, she starts to get a tiny bit braver and she begins to learn more about the strange hero in her life. When they are hired to investigate a piano that possesses whoever plays it, it opens up a Pandora box of agony of the soul for Seto, Mikuzu and the vampire Kagari. Mikuzu learns the painful reason behind Seto’s desire to be a girl and Kagari’s loyalty to him. The sad truth weighs down the timid girl who has come to care for Seto so much. The truth sometimes doesn’t set you free, but through Mikuzu’s brave persistence to face her fears and help those she cares for, it might be the gateway to a happiness that has long eluded the three singular individuals of this compelling supernatural tale.

The story starts out with the supernatural, eases people with some comedy, then gently builds up to the angst of the story that push towards a climax of emotions and understanding rather than action. There are no sure villains to vanquish, instead it is up to the heroes of this tale to face their own fears and hopefully come to a new understanding that will help them and bring them peace and happiness. Although the tale doesn’t come to a full closure and is certainly open to continuation, the manga finds a spot of silver lining on which to bring the story to a finale.

The storytelling was intriguing and a mix of enjoyable and compelling. The only critique is that it would be wonderful to see the manga continue in a series. The art style is lovely with a soft shojo look that fans of Vampire Knight and Hana Kimi are sure to find appealing.

Heaven’s Will is a moving and subtle romance laced with otherworldly intrigue and poignant drama.

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