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  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   11/25/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   12/29/2008

We last left off with a train on the move and Kakashi on the tracks facing off against a man with saws attached to his hands. It’s dog punch versus saw attack, train versus tank, and one fearless boy against an army in the latest volume of Toto!

The stellar adventure series just keeps getting better. Noil joins the small group of Dorothy, Kakashi and Toto on their road to Emerald City. It turns out the railroad is also known as the Yellow Brick Road and will lead them straight there. But not before it passes straight through the North Witch Forest. Frightened at the prospect of witches, they don’t venture in too far before one witch finds them! Paisley is a North Witch, part of the North Witch organization and she has a job – to collect all of the ‘accessories’, that includes the bracelet fused on Kakashi’s arm!

He isn’t willing to let his favorite puppy go without a fight. And a fight he gets when the Assassin Squad from the Imperial Army ambushes them and he must once again face Chopin. The man with the snake rings is not taking no for an answer and it’s a nasty fight to the finish. The battle and the encounter with North Witch reveal a great deal about the twelve accessories and their importance and danger to the world. The North Witch claims they need them in order to ensure the calamity does not reoccur. Furthermore, the nature of the accessories is to seek each other out and destroy each other, accessory and its owner! What that may mean for Kakashi’s future seems foreboding at best. But the biggest shock awaits him when he learns of his father’s tie with what happened with the accessories all those years ago. It will change the entire course of the series as Kakashi must now switch gears, choose sides and potentially take on his father!

It’s a pivotal point in the manga series. To find his father who might still be alive, he has to collect all the accessories, of which the Imperial Army holds more than half. His chosen partner is Dorothy. In order to brush up on her skills, she chooses to go to get special training. At the temple with Master Sow, she meets an old rival and takes the fearsome test of skills. However Kakashi may be on the road to another accessory. In trying to find out what is really going on at the temple, they all end up in a big mess, a battle about to start, and a traitor revealed for another remarkable cliffhanger ending.

As the story progresses, it evolves into a more and more intriguing adventure as well as evoking more facets from the Wizard of Oz. The cowardly Noil joins them and his name spelled backwards is “Lion”. Kakashi continues to be referred to as a scarecrow. They travel along the yellow brick road. It will be curious to see how the author works in more aspects into the story, reflecting the classic that captured so many hearts and imaginations, while creating an innovative and original story.  

Bonus manga features include translation notes and a preview of the next volume in Japanese.

The magical adventure continues with a shocking revelation and all new twist to the story!

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