Posted On November - 18 - 2008


  PAGES:   186
  RELEASE DATE:   11/18/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   11/18/2008

A seemingly unrelated case gets top priority and Shiiba looks into it, unaware of the Pandora’s Box he is about to open. Top-of-the-line guns have been making their way into the hands of regular civilians, a nearly unheard of phenomenon in the strict gun-regulated Japan.  When Shiiba follows a lead to a local club, he meets the violently unpredictable Kuro. Immediately given the promise of a solid clue, Shiiba must gamble his body in order to get closer to the truth. When he discovers it, his entire world will be thrown into chaos along with his relationship with his dear informant, his ‘S’ and lover, Munechika.

All this time and still Shiiba has been hiding his true feelings from his lover. He tries to convince himself it is only business, that they are simply using each other. But his heart tells another story. Yet never do the worlds “I love you” pass his lips. When his latest case lands him a clue about the past and the shooting that killed his sister, Shiiba is suddenly in danger he could never have suspected. The head of a powerful company, the affluent Godou is a man of international influence, an influence that extends to the highest branches of government and even within the police. Upon hearing the name it is Munechika who warns Shiiba not to go near that man. But Koru will prove to be even more dangerous than anyone guesses. He will be the bridge to disaster that will possibly ruin Shiiba and land him face to face with his sister’s killer. Even more surprisingly, the sado-masochistic young man has a tie to Munechika that could tear the two lovers apart.

The biggest schism though occurs when Shiiba is trapped and in Godou’s predatory hands. Munechika attempts to intervene, but the cost is a hefty one that may put not only Shiiba’s body, but his soul and sanity on the line. Is Godou the murderer? What of Kuro? Who shot Munechika? And what decision does a resolved Shiiba make to try to save the man he loves and get to the truth? Some of those questions will have to wait until the fourth and final volume but what a build up of suspense in this one!

It holds an increasingly complex story with a great deal of eroticism and razor sharp danger on all sides. Shiiba not only fears the truth and has to be cautious of the enemies around him, he also fears himself. He keeps trying to avoid his true feelings for Munechika. In these most recent events however, he may finally have to face the truth within his heart even has he risks death to find out the truth behind his sister’s murder. The novel also provides insightful background on Munechika’s life and sheds new light on his past as well as the man he truly is behind the tough exterior. Fans of Makoto Tateno’s Yellow series will thrill at Saki Aida’s S novel series. It’s a must read for yaoi fans who enjoy excellently penned and taut crime/suspense stories.

The penultimate volume of the gripping crime suspense series sees the undercover detective run up against the man he’s been searching for – his sister’s killer! The danger has never been closer or graver in the latest novel.

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