Posted On October - 27 - 2008
  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   11/04/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   10/27/2008

From the creator of Vampire Knight comes an all new and completely different yet just as involving series in the romantic comedy Captive Hearts. It’s a manga you’ll be glad you picked up.

Megumi is a guy with no worries. After the family his father served as a butler mysteriously disappeared in China, he and his father have inherited the mansion and the fortune and he lives a life of luxury. Things take a turn when the family is discovered several years later and the only survivor is the daughter of the wealthy family, the beautiful Suzuka. Events turn downright bizarre when upon meeting her again these many years later, Megumi is overwhelmed by the urge to kneel at her feet, call her princess and carry out her every whim! The carefree days are over as an ancient curse, true love, and a servant’s heartfelt duty are all put to the test!

The new manga series is a captivating comedy. Megumi and Suzuka discover together the ancient curse that binds him to serve the Kogami family. Suzuka is not a tyrant, quite the contrary. She grew up honest and hardworking. She puts others before herself and desperately wishes to free him of his curse. At first she thinks that means she must move back to China. Afterwards she considers even more drastic measures to free Megumi from his torment. But it seems to be a happy enslavement. The two have fallen in love. The problem is that neither knows for sure if it’s because of the curse or if it’s how they truly feel.

Captive Hearts sports a fun and playful sense of humor throughout the story. It is however equally romantic and heart warming. The two are easily likeable, even endearing characters. Matsuri Hino’s utterly lovely art style bequeaths that romantic atmosphere beautifully while having great fun with the more comedic aspects imparted in the illustrations. It’s the dramatic moments where the art takes your breath away.

The first volume also holds two stand alone short stories. The first deals with a girl in love with her young teacher while at the same time having to deal with a stalker. It is quite the dramatic piece at times. The second tale is a pretty romance about two longtime friends stuck in a snow storm and a confession many years in the making.

Captive Hearts is a completely endearing romantic comedy that will move your heart while making you laugh out loud.

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