RATING:   15
  RELEASE DATE:   06/09/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   06/06//2008

Sven and his companions cannot go far, fog is thicker as ever, and they have no chance of travelling in it, though he needs to get to Train before someone else does
Train is going on his own path on foot through the fog finding himself in the middle of nowhere when he finds someone familiar who looks like the dead sweeper Saya, then he wakes up realising it was all a dream only to find a woman next to him who has taken care of him all day. Saki is her name and she knows nothing of the one she has seen in the darkness.

During the days he is there with this woman, his dreams are still filled with Saya before she was murdered. He sees similarities with Saya in Saki, drinking milk so heartily, her mannerisms and the way she has an arsenal of devices set around the place in case any dubious types try anything. It is all too much for Train to take in as he sees more suspicious things taking place to convince him Saya is really around, but is it just in his imagination?

As Saki gives Train the idea she is living a normal life, he stays there a while enough to know her place is being invaded by unknown threat, though when he tries to help, she refuses telling him she does not want anyone else to die because of her.

The Chronos Numbers are gathered together, planning their battle strategy for when they face the Apostles of the Star in battle. Creed Diskenth is being treated with the Tao Chi and the power of Nanotechnology before he is woken and ready for war.

This fifth volume concentrates more on Train and his lack of ability to think of Sven and the others as comrades, he is a loner and from what has happened so far in this series he always will be. He sees what he has done most of his life has been as a result of being one person who was an assassin for the Chronos organisation, and now that he has run from it, he views his own survival is up to him to maintain and no one else.

The story has shifted though and the time is arriving when the two sides will clash in an almighty battle of wills where there might only be few survivors.

There is one thing Train should know and that is he is never truly alone in all this – he constantly wonders off on his own to think and contemplate his next actions, but all the while his friend Sven and the other companions come and reprimand him for leaving them, promptly reminding him he can't get away from them that easily.
The humour in this series is never ending and the viewers will love that most of all.

Text-less Opening and Closing Animations as well as Trailers for other featured anime titles.

Bursting with energy and excitement, one to watch.

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