Posted On May - 27 - 2008


  PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   06/24/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   05/27/2008

A film club where more goes on behind the camera than in front of it, Don’t Blame Me has those rascally guys doing their soap opera best to hook up, break up and everything in between! Nakamura is taken with Kaji who hasn’t a clue and seems to like play boy and porn start Kujirai. When Nakamura deals with the fact that he’s head over heels for the boy, he spies Kaji with a girl. And even worst, she wants to join the film club in order to get closer to Kaji! Film clubs were never this interesting at my school!

The soap opera romp starts and never stalls. Kaji hears Nakamura say he likes him, is even in love with him. But how does Kaji feel? Well, after some pretty heightened drama between Nakamura and the new girl, Nakamura gets injured and Kaji insists on taking care of him. In the dark of night something happens (but I won’t say what!). And it starts putting their hormones and their hearts into overdrive! These two really go the long way around to getting together. Now eight years later they’re still deep in the drama when Kaji’s cousin Makoto learns the truth about their relationship and it threatens to tear them apart.

They’re one of those couples that constantly break up and get back together. So much so that the former film clubbers have get togethers (read: party) whenever it happens. They all say to them when they learn they’ve broken up is “Again. Oh.” It’s too funny! I’ve known couples like that and they’re more fun to watch than a TV soap opera. This time the excuse is when Kaji’s family learns about their relationship, he’ll break up with Nakamura anyway.  But Makoto is still wrapping his head around it. Kujirai tries to “help” by getting the kid drunk and maybe thinking the teen wants some “lessons”. It’s very wrong and woefully misguided immoral behavior on the part of Kujirai which is true to form for him. He’s just not as cool as he thinks he is.  In the end it’s not just about these two getting together, it’s also about the club which has become kind of a family for each other. Makoto coming around is just one small part of the greater whole than is the dramatic and often funny romance of Don’t Blame Me.

There’s also a bonus story in it about a two adults who were friends as children getting reacquainted. But this isn’t your average reunion. Tateishi was a sweet younger kid and his older “sempai”, the rich and spoiled Kazuo constantly teased and bullied him. Now as adults the tables have turned and the taller, stronger and good looking Tateishi doesn’t put off chance when opportunity knocks to make Kazuo into his personal slave. A little payback goes a long way with these two!

It’s more soap opera antics behind the scenes of this film club in Don’t Blame Me!

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