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  REVIEW DATE:   05/11/2008

Magic and romance mix for an addictive blend of fun in Foxy Lady. It starts off with a kind heir to the Mikasa Shrine who, like any healthy teenage boy, dreams of girls despite training to become a shrine priest. Lo and behold, his prayer gets answered in a way he never dreamed of. A fox-demon and as adorable as she is sweet, lands almost literally in his lap and she has one thing on her mind – to seduce the young heir Jin in order to become a human girl!

Jin has his hands full (both figuratively and literally) with the pure yet intent on seduction Kogane. She wants to become human and each kiss with Jin takes away her powers, including transforming her fox ears and tail to make her be, for a limited amount of time, to be a human girl. Kogane wants the change to be permanent and it seems to do that she has to go all the way with Jin! He’s a bit overwhelmed, though his letch of a friend, college pal Sogo is all for a little action. Sogo provides a lot of comedy as he constantly gets thwarted in his own attempts to seduce the girls around him. Now if having a fox-demon want to be with you intimately wasn’t enough, Jin also has his childhood friend Kanoto apparently wanting some love and affection with him. But there’s something about Kanoto that Jin is about to find out and it will put a whole new spin to this funny and entertaining romantic muddle of magic and mayhem.

A little bit of back story is given, showing that this isn’t the first time that Kogane and Jin met and that something meaningful occurred thirteen years ago. For all her attempts at getting close and personal with Jin, Kogane is actually a pure and innocent girl who goes about things with hilarious results because she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing. She only knows she wants to be a human girl and she likes Jin. It leads to a lot of endearing interaction between them and those moments more than any other along with the fantasy art style for the girls making mayhem in the human world, reminds me of the fun and fan service of manga series like Ah! My Goddess, Maburaho and Girls Bravo.

Kogane adjusting to the human world while trying to become human has a great deal of problems, often with highly entertaining results. All the boys at the school are so taken with her that they want her to join their clubs. In order to resolve the problem, a recruitment war takes place and she must battle one club after another to decide her fate at the school. However it’s the mysterious girl Sachi of the Occult Club who has an ace up her sleeve, a certain voodoo doll and a demon girl of her own who has a score to settle with Kogane. Izume is in the human world too and she blames Kogane for a problem that really is more a fault of Kogane’s ditzy state in general rather than anything on purpose. But Izume doesn’t care, she wants to get even. Things at school and at the shrine are about to get very exciting for the previously bored Jin. He just got a whole lot more than he bargained for with his innocent wish for a girl.

Foxy Lady has a rich and glossy style that is imminently attractive. Being a romantic comedy, bordering on harem, it has excellent and gorgeous female character designs. But the artist doesn’t shirk on the male characters either, giving them appealing detail and style as well. The illustrations are competent and confident enough that it makes the manga easily imagined as an anime due to its fluidity and high quality imagery. 

Discover the magic power in a kiss in the romantic comedy Foxy Lady! It’s a magical romantic comedy that will leave Ah! My Goddess, Maburaho and Girls Bravo fans hooked.

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