PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   02/26/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   02/20/2008

Get ready and strap yourself in for a flight of fancy that is a no holds barred use of puns and American Pie style humor! It’s time for your flight on A.N.A.L. the all male airline and every yaoi fans dream come true!

This is an outrageous comedy that is out of its mind and you’ll be glad of it! The manga is full of short and fast paced stories that are heavily narrative about the traveling trials and love entangled tribulations of the all male staff at A.N.A.L. It collects from various publications that each of the individual stories was first shown in and the manga features a couple of all new A.N.A.L. adventures! Fun, silly, find out how the airline came to be, learn the amazing tales about 3 of the 4 kings of the airlines. There’s Kurotori who sleeps around with everyone, Hiroshi with his turtle fetish and goes for a guy who makes him think of his beloved turtles, and Aoyagi with a voice so beautiful it makes men swoon and he searches for the one man who is stronger than the power of his voice,

This manga is insane and goes well beyond the average yaoi comedy. The whole play on the world A.N.A.L. knows no bounds and you’ll read “A big A.N.A.L. hello to you!” which makes me snicker every time I read it! There are crazy tales of the male flight attendant with a bald fetish, unrequited love of an airplane mechanic, how pilots are recruited, and many more fun and frolicking tales. Best is Ana Sui, the exotic security man whose martial arts prowess gets him all kinds of attention even as he battles hijackers and trouble makers. He longs for a man who can defeat him in battle.

This is very different from regular yaoi, there’s a bunch of narrative for one which is unusual, and nothing too explicit which is a surprise with an airline called A.N.A.L. But it keeps things pretty much behind the curtain while staying firmly out of the closet. There’s also a story about the A.N.A.L. clinic and the very special care you’ll receive there!

There’s a full color cover page inside. The art is okay. It suffers from the guys looking too much alike at times. But the manga is fun and so different from the regular old yaoi that it was a breeze to read and a lot of laughs.

Flight of fancies never got so crazy when you travel this airline!

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