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  RATING:   15
  RELEASE DATE:   01/08/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   01/15/2008

Keitaro Urashima applies to Tokyo University after three failed attempts to get in. His goal is to make sure that two people who are deeply in love can find happiness once they enter the University.
While at the University grounds, Keitaro meets up with Naru, his beloved and her friend, but things get very heated, and Maru punches him into the air for being so bold with her in conversation. Keitaro, injured ends up in hospital, his left leg in a plaster cast.

Keitaro is phoned and his family cannot believe he actually graduated to the University, but he declares otherwise.

Coming out of the Hospital on crutches, he visits Naru as he is on a leave of absence. He has an ambition to travel the world with an archaeologist friend.

As his feelings for Naru have not gone, he comes back and tells her how he feels yet he is still leaving. Naru still refuses to accept she is in love with Keitaro, as he left for new places and warmer climes. Her friend argues with her and says she thinks she is the sole reason Keitaro left as she would not make a commitment to him in love.

The real fun starts when Keitaro's new manager of the Hinata Apartments where Naru and her friends reside comes to take over from the old one and seems much stricter, setting out loads of rules and regulations.

This wonderful series does not differ that greatly from the manga, as it states Keitaro had made a pact with Naru they would both go to University together. He worked hard at his studies for fifteen whole years and was driven by the promise he made and took the entrance exam.

Keitaro later inherits the Hinata House from his grandmother, which becomes an all-girls dormitory. On discovering their new landlord is none other than a man, they abuse and beat him in the only comical way they can, and with humorous consequences.

There are lots of characters who have been there from the very beginning. Kitsune, a teen alcoholic with a nymphomaniac grip on men; Shinobu, a princess with a thing for Keitaro; Su a girl with a huge appetite; Sarah an orphan unhappy at being left there by her guardian; Mutsumi, an accident – prone girl studying for her exams; Haruka, Keitaro's aunt, and Motoki a swordsman who has a female identity problem.

This three episode extravaganza follows the events of the Love Hina Spring Special where Naru and Keitaro actually manage to graduate to Tokyo University, safe in the knowledge he loves her.

There is fan service galore in this amazing conclusion to an anime that has gained viewers since it was a manga and awarded best manga USA release in 2002 at the Anime Expo.

Love Hina Again has plenty of special features to keep every fanatic of this series content. Text-less opening and closing animations, Character Gallery of all the characters from concept sketch to final design, Artwork Gallery full of lovely art, and trailers for existing anime titles.

Love Hina – the reason everyone loves anime these days. Madcap romantic comedy at its best. A five star rated hit – definately!

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