Posted On January - 28 - 2008


  PAGES:   192
  RELEASE DATE:   01/08/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   01/28/2008

Dating has never been so challenging or titillating with two step-siblings who date others yet seem to be discovering hidden feelings for each other! Amidst Christmas and Valentines, truths will be discovered, confrontations will happen, and one of these step-siblings will take the biggest risk of all!

Christmas time is a romantic time in Japan, where the holiday marks a time for couples, love confessions, and proposals. But for a double date between Minami and his girlfriend and Otome and her boyfriend, it marks a time of romantic peril. A double date leads to a stand up as the two siblings find themselves together…and alone! Risky!

Later, pressure of entrance exams run high, but so does Amane’s frustration with Otome. He guesses as to what Minami, his best friend, really feels in regards to Otome. But does Otome return those feelings? She seems very confused. She can’t help her jealousy over Minami and Naru. But she can’t quite face what she really feels. The siblings have a disagreement and it leads to Minami making a fateful decision, one which he shares with Amane.

Valentine’s Day reveals even more deep emotions and romantic upsets. When a double date seems to go wrong, Minami urges Otome to be honest with Amane about her feelings. She tries, but it backfires in part due to Amane’s unexpected reaction. It leaves her sad and throws her closer to Minami. More trouble erupts when Minami’s girlfriend has something to say to him that will shake up their relationship. Just in time for Otome’s birthday.

Towards the end of this volume a new character is introduced. Imai seems to have sized up what’s happening between Minami and Otome. But he’s no friend. He appears to have a personal grudge against Minami and his dad…but why? And the fact that he looks so much like Minami…coincidence or something more? Intrigue, romance, and a cliffhanger occur when Minami makes a decisive move on Otome. 

This manga is a romantic dramedy like few, if any, others. The latest in this romance series sees relationships turned inside out and a taboo line perhaps being crossed. Forbidden love and new obstacles arise just when the step-siblings are starting to face how they truly feel towards each other.

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