PAGES:   200
  RELEASE DATE:   01/29/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   01/23/2008

One of Youka Nitta’s most erotic and involving stories to date, The Prime Minister’s Secret Diplomacy is a compelling tale of young Shiraishi, a man from a prestigious family with high obligations and surrounded by higher expectations. He is attached to the Japanese minister to Thailand, the legend in the making Yoshinaga. Minister Yoshinaga is a man of not only incredible influence with his deft political maneuverings, but also a man of striking beauty, an alluring temptation that Shiraishi must fight to ignore. The danger and taboo is more than just professional, the minister is engaged to Shiraishi’s sister. However, as things grow heated in and out of the boardroom, Shiraishi will find himself torn between familial obligations and the growing sense of duty and love to the man he serves.

This latest yaoi shows off some of Youka Nitta’s finest storytelling and artistry to date. Author of Embracing Love, Casino, and Sound of my Voice, the mangaka has created in Prime Minster’s Secret Diplomacy two complicated characters in an ever increasingly intense and intricate relationship. The experienced Yoshinaga is often enigmatic, also brilliant, but at times shockingly vulnerable. Shiraishi shows an interesting display of pragmatism involving his job, loyalty to the position, and the struggle between his desires and his sense of right and wrong in regards to his own behavior. These are two men who are not easily swayed, nor do they make their choices or take any action lightly. Dramatic, thrilling and consistently erotic throughout, this is one of the more compelling shonen ai manga available.

This intriguing tale of romance, drama and politics is further added to in prestige by its impressive art. The manga features some of Youka Nitta’s most smoldering scenes and sensual work, both in and out of the bedroom. It beautifully plays out visually the passion these men have in some of the most thrilling and hedonistic fantasy settings to delight readers’ voyeuristic curiosity. The expressive eyes in particular are striking, but the designs of the business suits, the elegant look of the men, and the wonderful detail in aspects of the places they visit and work in and out of, are exemplary. The manga also features full color splash pages on both the front and back covers.

Politics and romantic dangers combine for an intoxicating mix in this charged erotic drama.

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