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  PAGES:   153
  RATING:   18
  RELEASE DATE:   11/04/2005
  REVIEW DATE:   01/03/2008

Distinguished revolutionary gentleman, Gerard Anglade, makes a visit to his local high-class brothel where there is something for every man's taste. Gerard is introduced to a new boy, Jacques who is virginal to the core, and as he has been a difficult young person so far the ones who own him, he is to be Gerard's whore for the night much to his chagrin.

Still uncooperative, Jacques tells him he is no whore, but a boy from an aristocratic family, the Du Saint Jacques and he is the 12th heir, but after his father's demise, he was taken from the house by strange men who sold him into slavery to pay off his debt.

Gerard once he discovers this tells him how much he despises the aristocracy, as he is a gentleman who has worked his whole life, sweated and toiled to be able to afford to spend his hard earned money on a little pleasure.
Hurt and pressured, Jacques finally relents and allows him to have his way with him, though it is his first time.

Having shown himself as capable of screaming in the throes of passion and entertaining his client, Gerard offers the boy an alternative life should he want to take it as his paid houseboy where he would complete all the chores assigned to him at Gerard's mansion, but will he take him up on his good-natured offer, or will he continue his life at the high-class brothel?

This manga is perfectly paced, introducing Gerard to the young, beautifully green-eyed Jacques in this first volume. Jacques has to come to terms with the end of his life as the son of an aristocratic family, and his being thrown into brothel life as a pleasure toy for some non-aristocrats for the night.

Fumi Yoshinaga captures the era of revolutionary France greatly with the costumes and setting, and how the people of that time felt about the aristocracy, when the ordinary people slaved just to put food on the table.

Jacques the lovely, large-eyed uke of this novel will keep the reader entertained with his comments on Gerard being such a savage, but the reader will believe he will not be able to resist Gerard's charming demeanour for long.

Actually, when reading first about Gerard, there is the expectation that he is a rakish character, yet he gives the impression he is a learned and highly intelligent person who being a commoner strived to better himself and his life, and views Jacques who was born into privilege as entirely different to him in every way.

The artwork in this first novel is beautifully rendered, with the external cover art lavishly created in ink of the two main characters in a humorously comical way with Gerard holding the boy, Jacques rather protectively while he looks on cautious.

The interior art is energetically inked, depicting the emotions of each character accurately to their mood and personality. The story nicely elaborates on Gerard's past and how his life had been so unfortunate. There are a few interesting twists in this tale which seems to centre on Gerard's life. There is an aspect of real life that has been tackled exceptionally well by Fumi which is to do with the characters of the servants in Gerard's home.

Enticing and in keeping with the time period, raunchy and naughty in all the right places!

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