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  PAGES:   192
  RATING:   13+
  RELEASE DATE:   01/15/2008
  REVIEW DATE:   12/21/2007

Sangbum, a plastic surgeon has to come to terms with his new life of looking after Myunghae, a young girl who is left with him, as both Myunghae's parents died in a car accident a whole year ago. Amazed that this has happened to him, he is more astonished to find that Myunghae is also a result of him being a sperm donor once when he was younger. Not being able to reduce himself to sending her away to an orphanage as she has no other living relatives, Sangbum decides he will keep her and look after her needs.

When Sangbum is confronted by one of his college friends about this, he tells him she can't be his child as he is a 31 year old virgin – the only way possible for him to father a child was when they both donated sperm when they were students back in college, as it was required of them as medical students.

The strange thing is the sperm Sangbum donated had been used by friends of his father and he observed the mother from conception to her giving birth, and to the child, Myunghae growing up into a young girl. He watched her progress and in a way looked after her then at the laboratory, but had no idea he would have to look after her at his own home.

Sangbum has to understand how Myunghae looks just like him, and is occasionally disturbed when he looks at her face. Myunghae meets with him after Dr Shin organises it for them, and she gets a chance to see him up close and personal though she knows he is reluctant to take her on, she sees the family resemblance, and tells him she accepts him as her father.

Convinced this is all just a tragedy for him and his life, he says she can stay for three days, but after that she must go. Question is, will he send her away, or will his heart warm to her?

Youngran Lee, author of Click, has turned what would have been a mild story into one of comedy, emotion and heart-warming beauty via the artwork alone.

Sangbum is shocked at how Myunghae has developed over the years into an intelligent young lady, and quite a beautiful one at that, but what makes him mad is her almost harem of males she has managed to attract over the course of the year and wonders if he will find anything more about her as she stays with him.

The character of Sangbum will give readers the idea he may not actually be interested in females as he is highly bishonen in the style he is drawn, and his mannerisms, but they will like him all the more for that later on in the manga.

Complex storyline, kooky plot and eccentric characters are beautifully handled in this story of responsibility and romance.


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