Posted On December - 10 - 2007


  PAGES:   192
  RATING:   18+
  RELEASE DATE:   10/03/2006
  REVIEW DATE:   12/10/2007

A noble prince under a terrible curse, a powerful magician who may be his only cure, and the sword and sorcery adventure that finds them in the erotic fantasy Crimson Spell.

Prince Bald is a handsome and good man who must use a demonic sword in order to save the people of his kingdom. Now under a terrible curse, he turns into a sexy yet violent demon when provoked. Having exiled himself from his home, he travels in search of a cure. Along the way, he finds the beautiful and alluring sorcerer Havi. At first Havi only wants the magical sword, but intrigued by the handsome man who turns into a provocative creature, Havi can’t resist. Soon Havi and his demonic lover are having erotic hours of heated pleasure while normal Bald is none the wiser. If he ever regains his memory from his transformations, things might really heat up between these two attractive men!

Done by the creator of Target in the Finder Series, Crimson Spell promises an erotic adventure like none other. These two men end up on a perilous quest for answers and discover hidden chambers, lost artifacts and encounter an old enemy from Havi’s past. Although it certainly has its share of humor, the series turns quite dramatic by the end when Havi must go up against his old teacher, revisit a painful past, and learn of a dangerous secret behind Bald’s demonic possession by the sword. Action, suspense, and full of adventure and alluring nights of passion, Crimson Spell goes beyond the average yaoi to give readers a truly immersing fantasy world and one that is a 21 out of 10 on the scale of erotic.  The love scenes are scorching and beautifully drawn. The images of Bald when he is transformed are as alluring as they are irresistible so it’s no wonder the beautiful Havi can’t keep his hands off of Bald. Few yaoi have shown such a display of scene after scene of such potent erotic imagery. The fantasy magic use is also riveting to look at. The art work is incomparable. The manga even has a full color cover page.

Crimson Spell is a spectacular erotic fantasy adventure that yaoi fans can’t afford to miss!

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