Posted On November - 21 - 2007


  PAGES:   192
  RELEASE DATE:   11/01/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   11/21/2007

In the final volume of Princess Princess, the elections between Akira and Mitaka heat up, the princesses might split up, and one princess in particular isn’t sure where he’ll end up! It’s the finale of the cross-dressing comedy drama series and it goes out with laughs, cheers, and the promise of a sequel.

It starts off with the elections coming up and things are really heating up. Mitaka with his aloof demeanor is rubbing some people the wrong way, but he’s getting a surprising amount of supporters; including one of the princesses! Tohru and Youjirou are adamant about getting Akira the presidency and are outraged to find out their friend and fellow princess Mikoto sides with Mitaka! The biggest surprise though is what happens after a certain exchange between the running heads for the council. Could Akira have unintentionally won the heart of the controlling and egomaniacal Mitaka? And what will that mean for the elections? Things get really bad, with students even breaking out into fisticuffs. It gets serious when Mitaka is attacked.  Don’t fret though, things don’t get too serious and the story keeps things lively by throwing comedic twists and turns throughout. The odd relationship that develops between Akira and Mitaka as a result is quite entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, the year is drawing to a close and with it, the role of the princesses. They have to help pick new ones. As they reflect on the year, Youjirou begins to grow anxious over little having changed between him and his family. The distance is still there, so he asks Tohru for help. A family visit to the Shihoudani household leads to moments of revelations and hopefully healing for Youjirou. The final volume ends with the exit ceremony of the princesses and one last joke played upon them by the student council.

This has been a fun series overall, with some surprising dramatic turns at times. It keeps things lively while at the same time opening the door to a sequel in the works and coming soon. It will be something for fans of Princess Princess to look forward to. One of the things that has stood out all along the way has been the exemplary art style. It’s so very appealing and has such a personal flair that it is a highpoint of the manga.

Extras in this manga volume include an afterword, 4-panel comic theater, and a series of little humorous epilogues. Don’t forget to take off the dust jacket to read the final chapter of the comical story of “Prince Prince” on the book cover underneath.

Princess Princess ends with closures and new beginnings for the princesses and their friends.

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