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  RATING:   13UP
  RELEASE DATE:   11/07/2006
  REVIEW DATE:   11/13/2007

Keiichi Morisato is an engineering student, top driver of his campus motor club, and not very lucky with the ladies. While calling for takeout food one evening, a wrong number puts him in contact with the “Goddess Hotline”. One misplaced wish later, Keiichi finds himself blessed with Belldandy, the perfect girlfriend and a goddess in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any idea of how to act in the human world, and her presence quickly gets Keiichi kicked out of the dorms. Fortunately for Keiichi, his troubles have just begun.

Contains the entire 6 volume, 26 episode TV series of season 1 complete in a gorgeous box. 

One of the most popular romantic comedies of all time finds a great home in this high quality TV series. Based on the ultra-popular manga by Kousuke Fujishima, Ah! My Goddess has been released as an OAV series and movie, both of which were extremely popular. But this first anime season is the rendition the most faithful to the smash hit manga series. It covers the first six volumes of the manga fairly well, touching on some of the favorite stories and bringing to life one of the most popular arcs known as “Terrible Master Urd”.  This romantic comedy is heavily based in fantasy and has a warm heart and lush life in this anime.

It starts off simply enough. Keiichi is the ultimate nice guy who’s short on stature but mighty in heart. When chance, or fate, finds him contracted with the beautiful and sweet goddess Belldandy, it’s a curse that proves a blessing in several ways. Sure he has to deal with all sorts of supernatural and magical mayhem, and yes he seems to have unwanted otherworldly guests staying with him aside from the much coveted Belldandy. But ultimately, the love that grows between a normal human guy and this extraordinary goddess outweighs all those problems, even when trouble comes knocking on the door, and for Keiichi, trouble likes to visit often.

First there’s trying to get Belldandy to fit in. He has to try to teach her to keep her powers and her true nature a secret. Something that’s not easily done when the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Campus” Sayoko, sets her cunning sights on the woman who she considers to be her only rival for top spot on campus and off it. Then there’s the arrival of Belldandy’s older sister Urd. She’s sexy and she has a rather…adult perspective on how those two lovebirds should get together. She often dabbles and meddles magically, frequently to Keiichi’s great dismay, by feeding him love potions and trying out crazy half-spun spells. Just when things might quiet down, Belldandy’s little sister arrives. Skuld is cute and precocious and doesn’t like being away from big sister. She’s also handy with making all sorts of zany gadgets to try to cause Keiichi problems and split him and Belldandy up. Since this is a romantic comedy, of course everyone ends up getting along at some point, and the show throughout the first season fits some poignantly sweet moments in the story quite often.

The show has a lot of comedy. With all of these otherworldly guests, including a reoccurring visiting demon named Mara, Keiichi and the storyline are kept hopping. In this one season he has to deal with being turned into a scooter, love spells gone awry, and one time he even gets turned into a woman! The larger drama and suspense happens towards the end of the volume. The Terrible Master Urd storyline occurs when Urd’s dual nature is revealed, Mara causes some trouble, and the seed of destruction is planted with Urd leading the way!  Things get suspenseful when Belldandy has to invoke her full goddess powers to go up against her very own sister!

The animation and the music are both splendid. It has one of the loveliest opening them songs, so engaging, that you have ever heard. The animation is marvelous. Eye-catching with gorgeous designs holding true to Kousuke Fujishima’s detailed and lovely goddess characters from the pages of the manga. The opening animation and throughout is a beautifully animated experience to indulge in. The anime is enchanting while the animation is spellbinding. The suspenseful sequences during the battle between demon and goddess are mesmerizing to watch with dramatic action.

One of the aspects so interesting about the show is how the mangaka has reinterpreted Norse mythology. Belldandy, Skuld and Urd are the three Norns of Norse myths, the goddesses of Fate, representing present, future, and past respectively. Yggdrassil, the tree that binds the worlds in Norse mythology, is the Godly computer system on which the whole universe runs. Norse mythological creatures like Fenrir the wolf and the Midgard Serpent also are showcased in this anime. There’s even Valkyrie, the warrior goddesses who get a quick cameo too.  The creativity and innovative imagination of how mythology is reinvented in the storyline is fun and engaging.

Bonus features include clean opening and ending animation, Japanese voice actor introductions which are brief video interviews with the cast, Japanese cast outtakes, art galleries, and trailers of other titles from Media Blasters.

The premium box is gorgeous. It has a clear plastic slip cover with the title and floating feathers design over top. You pull that up and the box is opened by simply pulling the top, which takes up most of the body, up and off from the base. There’s a beautiful goddess on each of the three sides and Belldandy again on the back. Inside the box exclusive to this set is an Ah! My Goddess Belldandy phone strap. It’s blue with gold metal and the medallion at the end of the strap is an image of Belldandy framed in a pretty gold and dark blue design.

Ah! My Goddess is one of the most uplifting romantic comedies of all time. One of most enchanting romantic series ever. The gentle nature of the story overall is charming and the slow but tenderly evolving romance will sweep you off your feet. The animation is magical, the story even more so.

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