Posted On October - 23 - 2007


  PAGES:   224
  RATING:   T+
  RELEASE DATE:   11/06/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   10/23/2007

Still trapped in the body of a child, Train with the help of his friends, search for Dr. Tearju, the only one who may be able to cure him. Undersized, his battle skills aren’t quite up to snuff, so the last thing he needs is to have to go up against the Chronos Numbers. But that’s exactly what happens when the killers of the Apostles of the Stars, Kyoko and Charden, defect and go to Train for help!

Not nearly as tense and dramatic as a few of the previous volumes, this one puts in a lot of the fun and humor that has made this series so popular along with keeping up with the exciting action. The main focus of this volume is Kyoko’s addition, however temporary, to the group as Charden leaves her in Train’s care. Train agrees but only on one condition: Kyoko can no longer kill. She makes the promise but having grown up to be an assassin by some of the most twisted killers in the world, it may prove to be too much to ask of the young killer. She acts quite immature at times and absolutely adores Train, so when the Chromos Numbers come looking to take her down and out, Train protects her and gets hurt in the process, incensing the young woman. Seeing her adored Black Cat bleeding, can Kyoko keep her word or will she give in and hurt those who harmed Train?

The battle helps show Kyoko’s true character as she fights with her urges and what she’s considered from her talks with Train and Eve. It is a moral dilemma for her and one that everything rides on. The battle also serves to show how vulnerable Train is becoming and that if he doesn’t get his condition reversed soon, little Train is going to be in big trouble.

The fight sequences are smashing as always. This manga has fantastic action oriented art work and a wide variety of character designs. The new obstacles that the story throws at the hero are invigorating to the story and the reader. It keeps up a great pace and the story is always exciting.

Manga extras include sketches, factoids, and character profiles lightly peppered throughout the book.

An Apostle of the Stars joins the Black Cat this volume. Can even the Black Cat teach a killer to give up her murdering ways? With assassins attacking and time running out for Train, the answers will have to come fast!

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