RELEASE DATE:   10/23/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   10/17/2007

Paniponi Dash! is finally coming to a close with volume six, but it feels like it’s been a 52 episode anime, rather than just 26 episodes – of which it actually is. This show manages to pack so much content and insanity into each episode; you would swear there is more there than there is. Besides that, it is very easy to say that this show has a huge amount of replay value – you can watch it multiple times and still find something new that you didn’t see before. It’s crazy and zany to the very end, never letting up for even a minute – which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from this nut bar of an anime!

With volume 6, we start off with more new opening sequences – a hallmark of this show’s oddity and uniqueness. Right off the bat the characters are again breaking the “fourth wall” so to speak, as they admit there are only four episodes left before their time is up. The problem this time around it seems is that the weather is getting rather chilly – freezing in fact. Is it another ice age? For all we know it could be – this is Pani Poni Dash remember. There’s an indication early on that the end of this anime could mean the end of the world that these characters live in – kind of like a Pani Poni Dash apocalypse. Again, go figure! Anyhow, all the students, teachers, bunnies, and salamanders are very cold, and so they make efforts to stay warm as the coming apocalypse approaches. Stuck in there for fun and purpose is some weird puppet show antics (don’t ask, just watch), and then everyone suffers a horrible rash of bad luck. Bad luck is bad enough – but on this show it’s just plain crazy. With the bad luck clearing up, the entire cast is thrown into a strange past history of Japan. It’s totally detached from from anything else that has just previously happened, but it’s a lot of fun. This mid 1800’s history lesson of sorts reminds us just how many characters this show really has. Sometimes it seems like there are 50 separate characters with their own agendas and personalities. It’s so entertaining – it’s like the soap opera from Mars that is impossible to keep up with. Bring coffee.

If that weren’t all enough, we’re then taken back to the beginning of end of the world situation, and the real chaos starts. Meteors, giant robots, a huge snow storm – all the while making fun of other popular anime and Japanese cultural references that will put you on the floor laughing. Most people will notice something they recognize, whether it be the dozens upon dozens of Neon Genesis Evangelion references, or the He Is My Master Costumes that get thrown in everywhere possible. There’s also a ton of Voltron, Star Trek, and other science fiction references and shout outs, making Paniponi Dash! the new ultimate parody anime. It’s almost too much to put down in a review – you just have to see it to understand it. Well, hopefully to begin to understand it at least. If you’re looking for some weird laughs, and want to be mentally electrified by your anime, Pani Poni Dash is still your best bet.

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Paniponi Dash! is a terrifically chaotic end to an immensely hilarious anime extravaganza. This show never disappoints… unless you’re looking for something sane.


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