RATING:   12
  RELEASE DATE:   07/16/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   08/19/2007

Kiri Pro talent Agency worker Komugi promotes products in unusual costumes. She is also a Cosplayer, and at 17 she is enjoying her life to the full until one day she engages with Mugimaru a rabbit creature with a naughty attitude who needs her help.Komugi discovers she is supposed to save the population from a dangerous killer infection, and that Mugimaru, though strange is from the vaccine world and can ascertain and hopefully put the world right again.

Mugimaru tells her she needs her help, but she must become Nurse Witch Komugi to do so if she is to destroy the dangerous infection that could devastate the world as they know it. In this humorous tale, Komugi has several friends who love to mingle around her, one of which is not all she seems. Kyosuke Dale, a heart – throb singer who works for another talent Agency which is a direct rival to Kiri Pro, becomes her crush as she gets to know him. It is easy to warm to the character during the anime.

Komugi though she is in a privileged position as product endorser, is photographed along with the product has rivals. One called Megubi who also works for her talent Agency and is always trying to out do and outsmart her, teasing her about how little she has grown as a teenager unlike her. Komugi feels Megumi is not lacking in drive and ambition, desiring to be more than a model, an actress if she can, and knows she has to better her nemesis, Komugi.

Koyori is a model and works at Kiri Pro along with Komugi and is a serious Cosplayer, their intense friendship there is trouble as Koyori is anything but a normal girl.  She occasionally has a raccoon animal who aids her as Koyori does tutoring to help Posokichi to speak right.

The President of Kiri Pro,Yui who was famous in her own right before she chaired her own talent Agency scolds Komugi if she thinks she has done something wrong. Yui is not content with her lot as she has known love and lost when originally falling for a male from another talent Agency who vexed her when she never thought he would.

Shiro who manages Komugi dislikes her for leaving him to occasionally don costumes Komugi would wear for the photo shoots. He never knows why she is away and she keeps that private for a reason. Concerning the overall story could be viewed as educational as it informs young adults. On the other hand, it is also excellent fun seeing these Cosplayers having the time of their lives in between their bickering among one another. The animation looks smooth, the colours are bright though not too much as the characters are extremely easy on the eye. Hilarious dialogue and well made anime characters, a thrilling story and perfect animation give young adults something they will love and enjoy.

Clean opening and closing animation, production sketches, character introductions, Japanese TV spots, a “How to Anime” section, a documentary and a commentary with Director and cast are a compliment to such a humour – filled anime both young adults and children will enjoy.

Nurse Witch Komugi is an interesting, full of humour anime which is as impressive as it is comical.

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