Posted On August - 5 - 2007

ALICE FULKSAlice Fulks, a successful stage actor and one of the newest voice actors for ADV Films who had a sudden rise in the voice acting business, spoke to us about herself and on landing on such powerful roles and characters. She is currently playing the chracter of Mylene Hoffman in 009-1, and has the role of Hijin in the upcoming series Innocent Venus.





• Alice, could you tell us a bit about yourself and how did you get into stage acting?


• Prior to voice acting, were you aware of the genre (anime)?


• Do you think that your acting experience helps with your voice acting? If so, how?


• What about voice acting for anime do you find the most challenging? The most surprising? By contrast, what about it do you find the most enjoyable?


• When you were introduced to voice acting, were you surprised that you landed a very distinguished role in Gilgamesh as your first voice-acting gig? What was your reaction?


• It seems that you tend to land strong female characters, like the Countess of Werdenberg in Gilgamesh, then Empress Elizaveta in Le Chevalier D’eon, and now Mylene Hoffman in 009-1. How does it feel to be playing such strong leads, and why do you think you have a propensity to land such characters?


• In Gilgamesh, everyone’s voice tended to stay in a particular level and (flat) tone to match the nature of show, but you somehow managed to give life to your character. How hard was it for you to convey emotion in a character in a series whose tone of voice is always the same?


• Gilgamesh has a shocking ending. What was your reaction and feeling when you were recording your final lines in the series?


• You’ve gained quite a cult following for your wonderfully mysterious portrayal of the Countess in Gilgamesh. Now you’re doing the lead in a very different science fiction anime called 009-1. Do you find it more difficult to play an action character?


• How do you immerse yourself into Mylene Hoffman’s character, a sexy and very intellectual spy who would do anything to complete her mission?


• What were your initial thoughts when you found out that your character is a cyborg, a cyborg that can shoot bullets from her brazier and have sexual pleasure?


• It seems that you’ve landed a role on the upcoming Innocent Venus series, what can you tell us to expect about your character in that series?


•  Any embarrassing moments during recording?


• You are one of the newest voice actors in the industry to land strong lead roles in such a short period, in that sense, what advice can you give to people who want to become a voice actor?


• Thank you so very much for your time. It is deeply appreciated by your fans and everyone at Active Anime.


Active Anime would like to wish Ms. Fulks all the best of luck as she prepares to move to Los Angeles, California to further her acting career. We will surely miss you!

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