Posted On April - 24 - 2007
  PAGES:   184
  RATED:   16+
  RELEASE DATE:   05/09/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   04/24/2007

Everyone returns back from summer vacation with lighter hearts, but Tohru Kouno and the other “Princesses” are about to find out that the real work for them is just beginning. Between having to sing in the Chorus Competition, as princesses, fending off heartbroken and love sick male classmates, and dealing with the wily student council, Tohru, Youjirou Shihoudani and Mikoto have their hands full. Then things get even more complicated when Tohru’s sister shows up and his family calls to tell him to come home – for good!

This volume has a lot of movement between its energetic gender-bending comedies to the underlying character drama. These chapters serve to cement Akira’s friendship even further with Tohru and Youjirou. Much of the drama occurs when Tohru’s sister Sayaka returns to have a heartfelt talk with her brother. This emotional tension is later escalated when Tohru is called by his family to return home. Feeling obligated to the family that adopted him, he feels duty bound to return despite having his first free breaths at the academy and his first real friends here, not back at home. The news upsets all of his friends and the chain reaction that occurs reveals how deep the affection runs for Tohru amongst his pals, especially Youjirou. There is more than one particularly emotionally satisfying moment revealed between the two and the scenes show just how deep their friendship has become.

The lively cross-dressing comedic antics are seen throughout the manga, and never more so with the Cultural Festival upon our three hapless “princesses”. They are soon embroiled in the student council’s devious schemes to gain fame and fortune. The three men in dresses are quickly at their wits end when they have to try to evade their fellow male classmates chasing them around the school for a “kiss”!

Extras in this manga volume include an afterword, 4-panel comic theater, and most noticeable in this volume is a special bonus story done with fellow yaoi mangaka Eiki Eiki. The bonus story “Train x Princess” is a crossover story about when the characters of Princess Princess cross paths with those of Eiki Eiki’s Train Train! And don’t forget to take off the dust jacket because the comical story of “Prince Prince” is continued on the book cover underneath.

This volume of Princess Princess reveals the cementing of the friendships Tohru has developed, sees some fairly drama, and a rash of cross-dressing mayhem thanks to the devious student council!

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