Posted On March - 31 - 2007
  PAGES:   200
  RATED:   T
  RELEASE DATE:   04/03/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   04/01/2007

About to be in her first music competition at the Music School, Kahoko’s nerves are on edge. But when her accompanist doesn’t show up, she’s about to lose before ever stepping onto the stage! Students at the elite Music School don’t like Kahoko’s talent or the attention she’s garnered from the reserved virtuoso violinist Len. They tell her to quit and if they have to force her by setting her up, they’ll do that to. Kahoko is a brave girl though and steps onto the stage, standing on only her own two feet and her talent, she raises her violin to play the music in her soul, but will it be enough?

Sabotage, a surprise hero and a lively training camp are all featured in the latest chapters of this warm hearted shojo. It’s not afraid to start off with some angst however as Kahoko has to contend with the students acting unkindly towards her. With no friends, she is both ashamed and relieved to have fellow Gen Ed student Ryotaro come to her aid. She feels badly about dragging him into her mess but is not only grateful for the assistance, but also happy to have a friend at the school at last.

The manga series hits some lighter and more humorous tones when the competitors in the first round of competitions have to attend a music training camp, Ryotaro included. He has to bunk with the cold Len and these two do not get along. At camp however, a run in with Kazuki may find Kahoko gaining an unexpected love interest, one that annoys Ryotaro for some strange reason. Len seems inexpressibly irritated too. Could it be that three men have fallen for her without them, or her, knowing?

This possible love square is certainly unexpected. It seemed for certain that Len and Ryotaro would become rivals for her heart, if either wakes up to realize their true feelings for her, but Kazuki came out of left field. At training camp the shy girl Kahoko rooms with may prove to be Kahoko’s first music school friend. It will be curious to see if Kahoko can win over any of the music students and if so, how.

A bonus story in this manga is a prelude featuring Azuma and Kazuki set three years ago. Her family circumstances prevent her from pursuing her dream of playing the piano lest she outshine her elder brothers. She is a girl trapped in the place family and societal obligations have placed upon her slender shoulders. Could she prove to be arrival for Kazuki’s heart? A second bonus story is a comedic look at a morning at training camp also featuring Kazuki. Other manga extras include the second part of Backstage with the Journalism Club and more music reference notes.

In this volume of La Corda D’Oro, Kahoko competes in her first music competition with all sides against her! She also gains a surprising love interest and some new attention from her fellow students.

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