Posted On March - 3 - 2007
  PAGES:   200
  RATED:   T
  RELEASE DATE:   01/02/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   03/04/2007

After the latest battle to try to uncover the suspected military conspiracy within his ranks, Roy is beside himself with Havoc paralyzed from the waist down. Lust may be gone but the other Homunculi are out for blood. Meanwhile Ed has returned home only to find himself face to face with the father he hasn’t seen for years. Bitter resentment rears itself. His father issues a dire warning. And a private conversation overheard by Ed leads to a horrifying truth…one that just may prove to be the key to saving his brother and himself after all. But some lessons have a cost and with all things in Alchemy there exists a Toll. Can Edward Elric pay the Toll for what his new goal will cost him?

With each volume this story is more compelling. As it delves deeper into the lives of Ed and Al, many awful, even horrifying truths are revealed. The words of Ed’s father push Edward to a gruesome discovery, faced with the terrible truth, it changes his whole viewpoint and what he and Al are doing as they set off in a new direction to achieve their goals. This pivotal volume sees the two Elric brothers growing up, noble, strong and courageous self-sacrificing young boys who are becoming men.

But not without a cost, a Toll.

Winry worries for the toll life as a bodiless being trapped in a suit of armor is taking on young Al and we get a glimpse into how awful his existence truly is. At the same time, the Xing Empire still vies for the secret to immortality to select their new king. In the middle of all this, the Homunculi reconvene and are one the hunt while an old enemy of the Elric brothers resurfaces.

This has been one of the most engrossing reads of the series to date. The shocking reveals in this volume make it a must read for fans.

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most captivating fantasy series in manga. With story telling and art as dynamic as ever, this volume sees world shaking revelations and pivotal changes in the lives of the Elric brothers.

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