Posted On February - 8 - 2007
  PAGES:   194
  RATED:   18+
  RELEASE DATE:   03/07/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   02/09/2007

The new publishing company 801 Media is dedicated to publishing yaoi titles that have both quality and more substantial adult content. One of their first titles to be released, The Sky Over My Spectacles, makes good on that mandate by giving readers a romantic and at times explicit stories of unrequited love.

The two couldn’t be a more miss-matched pair. Azuma is infamous for his laid back womanizing ways and his fetish for girls with glasses. Sorachi is the opposite with a shy personality and sure he wears glasses but he’s a guy. So why can’t Azuma stop thinking about how cute Sorachi is? Before they know it, they are thrown into a tumultuous affair where doubts and desire play havoc with their hearts.

This tantalizing stand alone story has everything great about yaoi: it’s romantic, enjoyably melodramatic and hosts dreamy guys longing for each other. There’s enough character development to make the story suitably romantic and the characters’ emotions therefore come across as truly heartfelt. The art style is attractive and the love scenes boast some imagery more explicit than what yaoi readers of North American licensed titles are used to. It holds some steamy scenes that will thrill yaoi fans while giving readers the romance they delight in.

This manga also boasts a total of three bonus stories that are also standalone reads. The first, “Let’s Fall in Love”, is a romance about two friends “with benefits”. But what happens when one of the young men falls in love with the other? The second, “Let’s Meet at 1 PM”, is a passionate story about an investigator who has to fight his love and desire for his assistant. The final story “Tell Me You Love Me With Earnest Eyes” is a heartfelt romance about two long time childhood friends about to part ways as one goes off to med school. Will the young man staying behind be able to confess his love that he’s held secret in his heart for over 8 years? Or will he let time steal the opportunity away before he can speak his heart?

The quality that stands out in all of these stories by Mio Tennohji is the earnestness of the characters in their feelings for each other. There’s a sincerity to the characters that lends credibility to their cause in winning the one they love. It makes for some high romance and fulfilling passionate moments for the reader to enjoy.

Extras in the manga include a full color cover page, afterword, character profiles, “The Mystery of the Sorachi Family” 4-panel comic strips, and a preview of 801 Media’s upcoming release of Bond(z) by Toko Kawai. The dust jacket on the inside also has an exclusive “801-chan” comic strip.

The Sky Over My Spectacles hosts stories of heartfelt unrequited love yearning to be fulfilled with passionate embraces.

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