RATING:   TV 14
  RELEASE DATE:   01/16/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   01/10/2007

What do you get when pirates known as Coyote go against 12 Gothic Lolita androids that are named after each month of the calendar, and to top it all off, a gun slinging sexy female inspector with an hearty appetite to add to the chase, and this race to find the hidden loot and legacy from the biggest heist in the galaxy by the pirate king in a planet that is about to get annihilated in seven days? You get one hell of an action series with the Coyote Ragtime Show!

The series starts with the pursuit of the man known as "Mister". Federation Inspector Angelica Burns receives an anonymous tip that the man she is after for 4 years is in a prison in the Planet Sandville, a dessert planet where giant worm-like creatures thrive. Unfortunately, the tip that she receives was part of an elaborate scheme from Mister to break out of prison.

To make matters worse, after finding out that she has been used, Lady Marciano, a member of the criminal guild, decides to join the hunt for Mister by sending the ruthless assassins known as the “12 Sisters".

However, Mister has other plans, as he needs to find the hidden treasure in Planet Graceland before it is obliterated by the Federation. Along with his companions, Katana, Bishop, Swap, and the Pirate King's daughter Franca, and jumping from one planet to another, the action and chase is just the beginning.

With great animation comes great action and story telling, and that is where Coyote Ragtime Show excels. The series even takes some pages from the motion picture Mission: Impossible when the Pirate King's heist legacy is revealed in the final episode of the volume. The pursuit, mayhem, explosions, violence, and laughter will take you along for the ride, and viewers will find themselves attached to their seats and wanting more after each episode.

For a plot and action driven story to work, the characters must have chemistry with one another, and that is something the series has plenty of, as each interaction comes to life and reaches out as if you have already known them for a long time. Each character is given a hint or things that they have done from the past; giving the characters further depth and substance in the short series.

The characters further come to life with the pairing of the right voice in the English dub. For instance, Christine Auten voice makes Inspector Angelica sound strong and feminine at the same time. Kira Vincent-Davis gives us another of her repertoire by making the already sinister Madame Marciano darker and disturbing. Andrew Love, who plays the character of Swap, shows his range and talent by infusing a baroque style dialect.

An anime action with a plot that’s easy to follow and great character interactions, Coyote Ragtime Show is one of the finniest and explosive series to come out in Japan.

This department of the disc comes only with production artwork, clean and closing animations, and the usual ADV Previews and credits.

Fast-pace explosive action series. A series that pumps adrenaline faster than you can.

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